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Dear all,

Is there a way to zoom in/out, fit and center a selection in one go?



Show an example of what you are talking about.

A circle or whatever manual drawing, that I want to zoom and fit and center in a window using a short key or Ruby script.
Not sure what to show. I will try.

from this

to this

With a single keystroke.


Is this a thing you’ve modeled in SketchUp or drawn in LayOut? Are you just talking about zoom into the page to make it larger? If that’s all you want to do set a keyboard shortcut for Zoom Selection.
Screenshot - 1_27_2023 , 8_52_44 AM


Funny, I have no Zoom Selection.

I got ALT-Z but that doesn’t zoom the selection.

What version of LayOut are you using?

Do you get Zoom Selection if you have something selected? I didn’t need to do that but it might be a LayOut version thing or maybe it’s a Mac/Windows difference.

LO 2021 - 21.1.331

Nope, no zoom choice at all.

Is there a Ruby solution?

No Ruby solution for LO. Not implemented in LO2021.

I’ve forgotten but Maybe Zoom Selection is a feature that was added in LO2022.

Yor are correct, from the release notes:

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Is there someone who want to sell his 2022 version license?

You’ll have to buy your own subscription to 2022 of course that would get you 2023 when it is released.

You would have to buy the sellers email adress with that as that is used to login.
Good luck with that!!