Keyboard shortcut for Zoom to selection?


Zooming in on the thing I’m working on is never easy. I’m always zooming in slowly, then warp drive miles away. Sometimes I end up so far away from my target object, I can’t fathom how I got there.

The zoom to selection command is helpful, but it would be even more helpful if there was a key command. I tried to set one up in Preferences, but couldn’t find Zoom to Selection. I saw a YouTube video where this person was setting up keyboard shortcuts, and the menu looked a whole lot more helpful. I can’t seem to find that menu screen though. And is there a way to adjust the “near clipping” setting? I can’t zoom in close enough, the object I’m trying to work on disappears.

Also, I would like some more options for selecting things, like Expand Selection (by one more polygon), and Select Inverse. I have been working on a model done by someone who didn’t group anything. It’s real frustrating trying to separate the pieces.



I use Zoom window, I believe I have never used Zoom selection.
Usually if you are in parallel mode or you are far from origin you get the clipping issue.


You can make a keyboard shortcut for Zoom Selection. Select something in the model and then open Preferences>Shortcuts and filter for ‘Zoom’. You’ll find it available to set.

As with most commands in the Context menu, you need to have a selection that would cause that menu item to appear to access it in Shortcuts.


Have you installed ThomThom’s Selection Toys extension ?


Yes, but Select Inverse is not an option. Most options select much more than I want to select.



TIG’s Selection Hide/Show.


Does this Zoom to Selection exist in Layout 2018?




I personnaly combine hide rest of model and zoom extend, that I described there Some questions, paralell, select, group

If you group each element composing your model as you should and use the default shortcut for zoom extend, It speeds up the workflow !

It’s my method, but there are others !


Expanding the selection by one more polygon was being discussed in the following topic…

P.S. I am almost done with creating the tool and probably going to launch it today or tommorow.


Not in LayOut.


Is “zoom to selection” a pro-only feature or new to 2018?
(I can’t find it in my available shortcuts menu - in Make 2017


You have to have something selected first, then you should see it as an option in the Shortcuts preferences.


Edit: Dave told you this over 2 years ago in the 3rd post of this thread before Make 2017 came out.


As I wrote in the 2nd reply in this thread:


sorry, you’re completely right. My fault.

Amazing. Thanks so much to both of you