Hotkey for zoom to selected

Leaving this post incase anyone else has this issue.
Credit to Dave for helping.

I noticed when trying to map a custom hotkey to Zoom to selected (found in the right-click context menu when making a selection) that there is no option in preferences to allow you to do so.

Surely this one’s a really quick addition Sketchup team?

You can map Zoom extents, so it would be nice to quickly be able to cycle between Zoom selected and Extents with a simple keystroke.

If anyone else has a way of doing this please let me know.

Thanks Team

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It will be available to set if you have something selected in the model space. This applies to most Context menu items. I have had a keyboard shortcut for Zoom Selected for many years and use it frequently.

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You are amazing my friend!

I have managed to map it now.

Thank you for the speedy reply, have some karma!

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