Outliner and zoom selection function, KB shortcut

Has anyone else noticed that selecting an item in Outliner, then using a keyboard shortcut to zoom selection does not work? I checked the 2021 version and the shortcut key does work to zoom the selection.

I haven’t seen it. Maybe it’s a Mac thing? It works on Windows.

If using the context menu it works, I agree. However using the keyboard shortcut with the item selected does not. @colin, can this be added to the bug list?

Oops! I missed he shortcut thing.

I didn’t go to 2022 to confirm that it worked there, but I did try 2023 and the current internal build. I saw the problem in 2023, but not in the current build, which hopefully means it has been fixed.

The same steps on Mac don’t work in any version. You have to click back into the model space for the keys to be picked up.

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