Zoom to Selection via Outliner

Action: Double click upon a line item in Outliner panel.

Results: SketchUp Zooms in on this item, and that geometry is now centered on the monitor screen.

I can see that SU makes a selection highlight which helps to locate the geometry (so long as I’m looking at it from the proper direction), BUT I think it’d be nice if there were also an option to automatically zoom in on it.

Just wondering if that’s already possible or not. and if so what’s the best method to use.

Right click on the item in the outliner>zoom selection.


Double-clicking on an item in the outliner will open that group or component for editing. If all you wanted to do was zoom to that item, single click on it then choose:
Camera Menu -> Zoom Extents
or whatever keyboard shortcut you have set for zoom extents.
Edit: Yeah, or what @IanT said.
What I said above wrong, that zooms to fill the view with the whole model. What you need is zoom selection either from right clicking the component in the outliner or right-clicking on the object in the viewport.

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Thank You Guys,

That’s just what I was hoping for. I Never saw the option @IanT mentioned, it’s further down on the right click context list then my attention span is capable of handling I guess :frowning:

@McGordon, I’m not able to hand out multiple solutions here, since the forum won’t let me,… but I definitely appreciate the alternative option of ‘zoom extents’… and for that matter your overview of the outliner options in general have convinced me that It’s time I go and school myself on everything this tool is capable of. it’s more feature rich than I’ve been giving it credit for.

Thanks again guys… and all that within two minutes of me posting my question. WOW!!

To be honest, I never knew that before you asked. so I learned something there. There’s always some powerful options hidden away in the right click context menus.

There is very convenient to add keyboard shortcut for “zoom selected” (for example “z”)

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