Zoom Extents shortcut missing?


I used to have a shortcut (shift+z) that would zoom to fit. for example if you move and copy many objects in a row (say 10 or so) then you could just press shift+zoom and sketchup for schools would auto zoom to fit the now much larger workspace. This does not seem to work anymore. That means i have to choos zoom (press Z) and the use the mouse to zoom out. Am I missing somthing og have the function disappered?

kind regards from Denmark

The default shortcut for Zoom Extents is Ctrl+Shift+Z. have you recently updated SketchUp or switched to a new computer?

No I work i google sketchup for schools via windows laptop, and it used to work. ctrl+shift+Z does not seem to do anything for me ;O/

In tincercad there is a funktion where you can click an object an then zoom in on that object.

Is there any tool or shortcut for that in sketchup for schools?

kind regards

Right-click > Zoom Selection

Thank you so much Mihai.s

That was just what I was looking for. Brilliant.

kind regards

Thank you so much from my side as well. I signup to solve my this problem thanks every one.

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