SU Shortcuts - Zoom Extents and Ctrl+Shift+E

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This is driving me crazy!

Why is Ctrl+Shift+E the only shortcut that I want to change that resets itself back to zoom extents when I restart SU.

When I have SU open and assign Ctrl+Shift+E to another action it will work for the duration that I have the file open.

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the installer and use Run as administrator? Or did you do something else to install?

Yes, did exactly as TIG suggested in the other thread, twice.

I also deleted the various retained SU folders/files after uninstalling.

Including the json file?

Did you try first to remove CTRL+SHIFT+Z from “Camera/Zoom Extents” command before assigning to another ?

N/M - Tried it. No dice. Shortcut is reassigned upon restart.

Yes, PrivatePreferences.json (and SharedPreferences.json)

Uninstalled and reinstalled as Administrator (including a required system restart)

After reinstall in shortcut preferences both Shift+Z and Ctrl+Shift+E are set for zoom/extents

Deleted Shift+Z and reassigned Ctrl+Shift+E to another action. Saved file and reopened and zoom/extents has reset itself to Ctrl+Shift+E but not Shift+Z

I have even edited the PrivatePreferences.json but it keeps on resetting

I can assign, e.g. the pre-assigned P (push/pull) to another action and that doesn’t get reset!

I’m not expert on Windows, but on Mac there are some key combos that are compiled into the app menu system and can’t be permanently overridden.

But can you assign that combo to another function?
I believe that was the OP’s original issue all about?
So, we have a bug or it is not suppose to change on Windows, as @slbaumgartner suggested.

While I have a model open I can set ctrl+shift+E to perform another action and it will work performing that action until I close the model. On reopening the model something had reset ctrl+shift+E back to zoom/extents

It is not ‘model’ related, but ‘SketchUp session’ related, I presume?
Exact steps are important.
Do you open the model by double clicking on it in the explorer, change the shortcut, something else in the model and then exiting through the file menu or by clicking the window ‘away’ (x)

This is annoying…

Until this post I have, for years (under previous versions of SU and the current 2019.2 update), successfully been able to assign ctrl+o to another action without SU resetting it to the default open file dialog.

With all my recent uninstalling and reinstalling of SU I find that ctrl-o is being reset to the default action :frowning_face:

With windows the all the 2019 shortcuts are not in the preferences file. It appears that some of them are hard wired in the program. The shortcut for zoom extents is not listed in the file and can not be changed in the preferences window. This is something that has been bugging me also.

Camera/ZoomExtents is in my SU Preferences window list…

if changed it will also show in the json file…

hard coded ones don’t need to be in the list, but you are warned if you try and use their keys…


From a windows version:
“Settings”: {
“Num_Shortcuts”: 29,
“Shortcut_1”: “0 0 0 H selectDollyTool:”,
“Shortcut_10”: “0 0 0 R selectRectangleTool:”,
“Shortcut_11”: “0 0 0 Space selectSelectionTool:”,
“Shortcut_12”: “0 0 0 L selectLineTool:”,
“Shortcut_13”: “0 0 0 K View/Edge Style/Back Edges”,
“Shortcut_14”: “0 0 0 M selectMoveTool:”,
“Shortcut_15”: “0 0 0 G Edit/Make Component…”,
“Shortcut_16”: “0 0 0 T selectMeasureTool:”,
“Shortcut_17”: “0 0 0 F selectOffsetTool:”,
“Shortcut_18”: “0 0 0 Q selectRotateTool:”,
“Shortcut_19”: “0 0 0 S selectScaleTool:”,
“Shortcut_2”: “0 0 0 I selectImageIglooTool:”,
“Shortcut_20”: “0 0 1 G Edit/Delete Guides”,
“Shortcut_21”: “0 0 1 P selectProtractorTool:”,
“Shortcut_22”: “0 0 1 A Tools/Angular Dimension 2/Draw”,
“Shortcut_23”: “0 0 0 D selectDimensionTool:”,
“Shortcut_24”: “0 0 0 W selectExtrudeTool:”,
“Shortcut_25”: “0 0 1 B viewBottom:”,
“Shortcut_26”: “0 0 1 C Draw/Bezier Curves”,
“Shortcut_27”: “1 0 1 V Edit/Paste In Place”,
“Shortcut_28”: “0 0 0 N View/Component Edit/Hide Rest Of Model”,
“Shortcut_29”: “0 1 0 Q Edit/Item/Reverse Faces”,
“Shortcut_3”: “0 0 0 O selectOrbitTool:”,
“Shortcut_4”: “0 0 0 Z selectZoomTool:”,
“Shortcut_5”: “0 0 0 A selectArcTool:”,
“Shortcut_6”: “0 0 0 C selectCircleTool:”,
“Shortcut_7”: “0 0 0 E selectEraseTool:”,
“Shortcut_8”: “0 0 0 B selectPaintTool:”,
“Shortcut_9”: “0 0 0 P selectPushPullTool:”

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