Assigning shortcuts

I have assigned a few shortcuts but have a question - if i hit the reset all in preferences will I lose all the Sketch Up pre-assigned ones? I assume from the wording I will!

No, the pre-defined ones will be restored.

Many thanks - can I delete this post?

I imagine you can, but having it here might help someone else with the same question in the future.

Last week I clicked the reset button in the shortcut preferences. It erased everything. including default shortcuts. I had to reset them all manually. It was on a Make 2017 version installed in addition to the Pro2021 version on my mac (to be able to help a maker user who uses the Make 2017 version).
So you still have to be careful

Methinks I’ll leave it alone or take a note of all the defaults. I’ve seen someone has such a list somewhere here so I’ll have a little look around.

If you install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool, you can use it’s Shortcut lister to show all of your shortcuts. it’s also handy for getting, installing and keep extensions from Sketchucation up to date.

Thanks Dave, does this live within SU or standalone?

It’s an extension that you install in SketchUp. There are a number of different features of it but the main ones are installing extensions that are hosted at Sketchucation and keeping them up to date.

Many thanks just looking the website now.

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Did you quit and then restart SketchUp after the reset? I think it reloads its defaults on launch.

Done thanks - all there as promised.

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No, I did not try. I should have :confused: