Scroll wheel in Layout

I’m using SU Pro 2019, downloaded the latest update this morning.

I have a terrible time zooming in / out with my mouse scroll wheel. I’m currently using a Logitech vertical mouse, but this issue has been the same no matter the mouse I use, or year / version of SU Pro. The scroll wheel zooming is very erratic. If I scroll too fast in or out, I can be way too close in or the page zooms out so that the model linked image is the size of a postage stamp. I’m trying to dimension a large home, and at 1/4" / FT, I need to zoom in to pick a point, then zoom out, then back in on the next point to get the dimension. I find I have to zoom in/out in/out to finally get it to the view I need, as the view just jumps in and out with the scroll wheel. I try to pan midway through a dimension operation (instead of zoom), but the hand / pan tool will not release back to the dimension tool, even though the dimension tool is still showing as selected in the tool bar; the dimension tool simply does not return unless I select it from the toolbar, at which point I’m starting all over.

This is not only very time consuming, but frustrating as well. Dimensioning takes twice as long as it should.

I’m on an iMac. Has anyone found a way to make this operate in an acceptable manner?

The whole Sketchup / Layout use and flow is so maddening. There isn’t anything I can’t do in SU/LO, I just can’t do it easily as it seems I have to constantly fight the application short comings. And if it weren’t for the plug in developers, SU would have passed on a long time ago. I’ve never used any other 3D software, so maybe they’re all as clunky.

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There’s a number of threads on this already, as I think quite a few people on Macs experience this, with me being one.

I find using Layout extemely frustrating because of the zoom issue. This is also on a very powerful new iMac.

I was hoping the 2019 version would have sorted it, but I find it worse on my new iMac, compared with 2018 on my 3 year old less powerful MacBook Pro.

Anyway, in short, you are not alone.

The Sketchup Team say they are aware, and I’m hoping they’ll release an update soon.


Hi Mike

Thanks for responding. I’ve been using Pro since '14 or '15. The zoom in Layout has been like this at least that long. If the SU team is aware, it doesn’t seem too high a priority to them.



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Im having the same issue using SU/LO Pro 2022 on an iMac 27" Monterey OS with 40GB 2667 Mhz DDR4 memory and 1TB storage. Zoom In/Out using Logitech 3 button scroll wheel mouse with pointer on geometry is erratic either too close or too far and not smooth. I also use SU/LO 2022 on a Windows 10 laptop and do not have this problem with scroll/zoom. I’ve made track and scroll speed adjustments in mouse settings to no avail.

Have there been any updates or solutions to correct this problem? Extremely frustrating when trying to dimension and document Layout drawings.