3D Connexion Space Navigator in Layout


I use 3D Connexion Space Navigator to orbit and move in Sketchup but in Layout, I can only use it for zoom in/out. Would it be possible to pan with it. I did this request to 3D Connexion forum as well. THX


+1 for this.

It is strange that it doesn’t have “Pan” feature.
And perhaps change the zoom activation methods as well. (not just limited to forward and backward tilt)

But, its more of the manufacturer’s driver software issue. It has very little to do with “SketchUp community”


I would love this too.

I have a set up for the space mouse that works ok in LayOut. Not perfect, but is a reasonable workaround:


Unfortunatly, this interface seems to be only available on mac. :disappointed:

update: I found a workaround to get that kinda interface on Windows. You can find a previous version of the 3D connexion driver (10.0.11) but the control is not as smooth as the latest version (10.8).