3D Connexion Support in Layout

Hello everybody,
I use a 3D mouse from 3D Connexion for my modeling. The problem I’m running into is that both the the panning and zooming functions and editing 3d view of a model aren’t supported in Layout. I did some research on why this was happening and I discovered that the program has to support the 3D mouse’s input and that the best way to get it to work was to contact the support center for the program to try to get them to support the mouse. I got in contact with a rep. from Sketchup and he advised me to put a post here in the Sketchup Community in order to see some support. I know I can’t be the only person that gets frustrated when I go from literally flying through my model inside of Sketchup to having to remember how to even click down the scroll wheel in Layout :thinking:. Anybody else feel my pain? If so, show some support so we can get support in Layout!



The 3Dconnexion mouse depends on a SketchUp Extension for integration with SketchUp. The LayOut API doesn’t support extensions yet, so it’s going to be hard for 3Dconnexion to hook it up. However, the LayOut API is under construction as we speak, so hopefully this will be available in the near future!


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I’d like to see that… :wink:

I’ve got a 3D Connexion Mouse too and have found some limited workability when using it in Layout. I try to keep one hand on the SpaceMouse and the other on my Logitech M570 thumb-ball mouse as much as possible, due to some old problems with arm/shoulder flexibility.

In the System Preferences for 3D Connexion I can only assign some Short Cut keystroke to the Radial Menus, not Application Commands. So, it’s working a bit and allows you to have tools and other commands available without moving your hands from the mouse(s). However; when you click on one of the Connexion buttons you can’t read the name of the tool or command, as you can in SketchUp for Application Commands, just its Short Cut keys names…argh

If we had the ability to use the App Commands and to access the first six Axis movements we Space Mousers would be very happy.


Are we talking Ruby API or C API? You can make the Ruby API both my Christmas and birtday present :wink: .

Wally, how did you get the 3DConnexion mouse to recognize when you are working in Layout? In my 3DConnexion Properties dialog box, it registers the last application I touched and never recognizes Layout when it becomes the active window. Therefore, I can’t customize any of the CAD Mouse buttons or radial menu specifically for Layout.

3Dconnexion changes to Layout when I move to the application from SketchUp. Might be the difference from Mac
to Windows ? I take it that Layout is set up in your Preferences for 3Dconnexion. I can’t recall if Layout was already in the Preferences or if I added it to the Application menu manually.

Once you select Layout in System Preferences, or the Dialog box, and add your SU shortcuts to new radial menus it should be able to recognize which application is active.

I assume you’re on a mac? I’m on Windows 10 and can’t configure prefs for additional applications. Using a 3Dconnexion CadMouse, sometimes I see the radial menu in LayOut but, even when I do, the functions don’t work. Same deal for my Space Mouse, sometimes it works in Layout but mostly it doesn’t. Argh.

Excited to learn LayOut API is under construction and possibility of using SpaceMouse in LayOut is on our Christmas list.

I had some additional problems with “global” keystrokes since the latest macOS arrived. Keystrokes in SketchUp and other apps were only working part-time. Going to System Preferences and re-setting all keystrokes seems to have solved most of the new and older problems.

In Layout I’m able to use the radial menus as long as I can recognize the keystrokes, “type keystrokes”, as I’ve entered them in Layout preferences, not as we can choose them for SketchUp by Application Command mapping.

Hopefully, as Lindsey reports, we’re going to have that ability to map Commands in Layout

soon !

I’ll give your method a try. Thanks.