Layout Quick - scrolling with 2D-Mouse or SpaceNavigator 3D-Connexion


I am busy to draw symbols at mm level 1:1 directly in Layout. So a lot of in and out zooming and scrolling :sweat_smile:.

I did set the zooming with the mouse and Space navigator, and works so far. Sometimes it jumps back and forth :crazy_face:

But scrolling isn’t working for me. I hope I do something very wrong.
Someone have this working?

Thank you.

Unless I miss my guess,3D Connexion is not supported in Layout, only in SketchUp.

The space navigator will send events to any app, but what happens depends on how the app interprets them. I too don’t think there is any specific integration with LayOut, just happenstance of how some events are handled.

My Space Navigator does nothing at all in LayOut 2020.

Some steps to start with.

In the 3D-Connexion pref panel.
Select the Space Navigator if you have more than one 3D… item.
You have to add the layout application to the list. ‘Add Aplication’.
Search for the
Select it, the app and then choose f.e Buttons.
Select left button.
Choose System Events
Select PowerOff

Go back to Layout. Press the left button and your Mac will go to sleep.

Oke now serious.
Set in Layout f.e a short cut for ‘Zoom In’. I did use shift-option-i.
Go to the Space navigator.
Choose buttons
Choose Left button.
Choose Keystroke
type ‘i’ and set the option and shift checkbox.

Go back to Layout and press the left key.

I hope I didn’t forget any steps. Will check later tonight.