3D Mouse support in Layout

This would be really good and hopefully easy to implement.

We use Space navigator for SU but also within Bluebeam Revu pdf editor, which supports its function for panning and zooming around 2D drawing sheets. Makes things much faster and easier.

A similar functionality within Layout would be great, and a logical addition given the use of 3D mice with SU.


Hi David-

I added this to our list of feature requests.


Now that Layout 2016 has an API I do hope that work on this is now underway - it’s desperately needed for those of us who use Layout on a daily basis.

Please would someone post an update on progress. Are the Layout/3DConnexion teams on the case?



The current LayOut API doesn’t have the capability to control the UI (menus, mouse, dialogs), so at the moment it’s impossible to write a custom mouse driver.


Bump…as another release rolls by…

Still not available then?

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Is to SU Layout to create a driver for the space Navigator
it’s to 3D Connexion to create a driver who will work with SU Layout?

As I understand it it’s for Layout to adapt their API to enable a mouse driver to be written. 3Dconnexion would be happy to provide it but it’s impossible at the moment due to Layout.

thanks DavidN for the reply.

Yesterday, i found a little work around. You can download the 3Dconnexion driver previous version (10.0.11) and custom it and assign mouse mouvement or keyboard keystrokes. It works in Layout, and also in Lumion. But i prefered having the lastest driver to use with sketchup. (10.8)

I don’t understand why 3D connexion have removed this costumization feature. They kept it on the mac version only.