Using 3dConnexion spacemouse in Layout

the 3dConnexion Spacemouse works great in Sketchup and is one of the reasons why I use SU. However, it doesn’t work in Layout (?). I am so used to using one hand on the spacemouse to navigate things that it feels really unnatural to use other ways to navigate the screen. (In Vectorworks the Spacemouse works in design and sheet layers)

I don’t think it does work in LO. I don’t have it working for anything other than SU. But that may be just me.

You should contact the 3D Conexxion people and request that they add LayOut to the applications they support. They are the ones who need to see your feature request.


@DaveR is right: 3DConnexion develops the extensions or drivers to make their equipment work with each app on each OS. They will no doubt need to coordinate with Trimble to get it to work, but they will do all the development. They do have user forums, though my experience suggests they don’t pay particularly close attention to them.

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I wonder how it looks like, though, after all it’s called 3Dconnexion, not 2D.

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I have used my 3D Mouse in a few other programs… seems like it would be great to use it to pan and zoom… plus mapping shortcuts to 3D Mouse buttons would be awesome!

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Even so, it does affect some 2D apps already - for example Safari!

exactly - I use it for pan and zoom for Vectorworks when in 2D

pan and zoom are still useful if you are used to using the spacemouse for all navigation

So did you contact the 3D Connexion people to log your feature request?

Not to mention when entering the viewport while presenting!

You can add your own program tot the list and let it do what you like.
Did you try to assign the buttons and movements to a keystroke?

Even start macro’s which starts other scripts and actions.

yes - this is what they said : "Sketchup layout does not support our devices. Only Sketchup Pro. You have to request support for our device at SketchUp. "

yes. 3d connexion have said: "Sketchup layout does not support our devices. Only Sketchup Pro. You have to request support for our device at SketchUp. "

They say it is Sketchup that needs to allow Spacemouse support

You don’t need to post the same thing three times. Good grief!

For future reference, anyone can read all of your replies. No need to say the same thing multiple times. And I don’t think Dave was trying to be rude, but raise an eyebrow at the repetitive posts. Not a big deal, though!

Hopefully, this is something that would show up with a LayOut API! Fingers crossed!

thanks Aaron. I thought when you clicked reply under a particular comment, the reply appeared under that comment. Sorry for the confusion. Yes - fingers crossed that Sketchup enables this feature for layout; if you are a spacemouse user it is a biggy!

No problem! Always a learning curve when you start using something new!

And as a huge space mouse user, I am waiting right along side you!