Measurements Value box too small Sketchup 2023

Just updated to Sketchup Pro 2023. I’m having a UI issue where the measurements value box in the bottom right corner is not large enough to show the actual values I am working with. See attached image.

This happens regardless of if I am full screen or window.

Any thoughts? Didn’t have to worry about this in any previous versions.

Looks like a display scaling issue. This is what I see. Plenty of room in the Measurements window.
Screenshot - 10_28_2023 , 7_57_42 PM
Try reducing the scaling.

BTW, your profile says you are still using 2017. Please update your forum profile.

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If you right-click on any toolbar ribbon and click the “Measurements” toolbar, you can move it anywhere on the screen.


I think this issue has been seen by other users. And SU2023 only supports recommended resolutions and display scaling. (If as Dave suggests, you’ve set a custom scaling, change it back to what your system recommends. If this does not work, reduce the scaling and tray again.)

The Graphics info in your profile is was of no help to us. (Thank you for fixing this!)

Related, the Measurements toolbar (what @nmason shows) is also too small, see:
Dimension box not working in 2023 - #20 by DanRathbun

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