Missing measurement box in su2023

Ever since downloading SketchUp 2023 I’ve been unable to see the measurement box. I have tried everything to make it appear but it is only just three small dots. I continued to use SketchUp 2021 but it is now no longer supported. And I need to make this correction. If I turn the measurement box on and off on toolbars it appears and reappears but it never has values or a space to type into. I have uninstalled 2023 and reinstalled it after rebooting my computer. That did not help. Any ideas
thank you

Out of curiosity, what is window zoom ? 100% ? 200% ? more ?

Sounds a lot like an issue with display scaling to me too. SketchUp doesn’t cope well with scaling above 150 percent, and on an unscaled very high res screen everything is tiny.

Can you clarify what you mean by the measurement box? The box on the bottom right? Can you show a screencap?

Certainly on my SKP 23 the fonts are smaller and harder to read than my 22 and it IS somewhat of a problem for me and I can’t find a way to make the text larger short of changing my windows settings which is fine for everything else.
I also have a problem differentiating the active scene tab in the top row since the scene tab outline is so close to the color of the background and it’s only maybe 2 pixels higher if it is the active tab. Plus all the new icons now look the same as all the other icons. Whomever was in charge of the the overall UI changes should be fired imo. They should allow style and font changes for the overall program if they are going to do this.

If you right click in the lower right of the screen, do you get this “status bar configuration”

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That was the problem
I right clicked and turned on those boxes which made it appear.
Is there a way to move it to the upper right hand corner where I had it in SketchUp 2021?

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and solve my problem

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Only scaled at 100%. Thank you for trying to help me

Like this?
Screenshot - 3_26_2024 , 6_17_16 PM
View>Toolbars. Tick Measurements. Move the toolbar to where you want it. Same as in SU2021.

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