Measurements obscured

Is there a fix for this?

To what do you have display scaling set. Usually folks who have this problem have display scaling set much higher than SketchUp will support.

Using the recommended settings…

Try setting it to 100% as a test.

Yeah… It’s the same, just smaller…

What’s the resolution of your monitor?

3840 x 2160

After you set to 100% the scale, did you restart sketchup?

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You need to restart SketchUp to take effect!

Anyway it is not handled very well in SU2023, I guess they are working on it…

yeah… it’s just the same. The box isn’t big enough for the dimensions

It is a display scaling issue on your computer. On my computer the box is much larger than it needs to be.

Screenshot - 11_20_2023 , 10_18_50 AM

Do you have the most recent 2023.1 installed?

Yeah… Interestingly, is yours on the right of the screen?

Yep. In the default location at the bottom right corner.

Here I’ve moved it to near the middle.
Screenshot - 11_20_2023 , 10_26_22 AM

Is that Mac? Mine is bot left…always has been…

PC. The default location has always been the lower right corner.

Here I’ve moved it to the lower left.

Screenshot - 11_20_2023 , 10_28_01 AM

How? lol.

How what? I have nothing special set.


Hi Dave I have noticed your advice and screenshot has the word 'Dimensions" next to the box but @nick.wardman post has the word ‘Measurements’ in his screenshot which is different to yours. Could this be a pointer to something different in 2023 studio or just a red herring?

The label changes depending on the tool selected. I showed the Measurements window while I was in the process of drawing a rectangle with the Rectangle tool.