Desktop modifications

how do I enlarge length, measurement, dimension window in sketchup 2023. I can’t see the whole dimension.

There isn’t any control for adjusting the size of the Measurements window. To what do you have display scaling set?

When I’m drawing a rectangle I can’t see the whole dimension.

Again, what is the display scaling set to?

What units and display precison are you using?

There seems to be plenty of room in the Measurements window for me.

It’s set to Architectural and 1/16" Display precision.


Mine is on the bottom left.

Based on some of the toolbar icons in your screen shot it appears you have display scaling set higher than SketchUp supports. Try setting it to no higher than 150.

That doesn’t matter. Here I’ve moved it to the bottom left. Still plenty of room.
Screenshot - 5_26_2023 , 3_18_11 PM

I’ve made the changes but the window is still small. The last number is 2 1/2"

What changes?

I changed the display setting to 150%

Quit SketchUp and restart.

Nothing changed.

I still can’t see the full fraction and sometimes the whole fraction is miss or just not seen>

Show a screen shot of the toolbars again. Did you really get the display scaling set correctly? in your last screens shot the 2D Tools toolbar shows the evidence that display scaling is set too high. Here’s the same toolbar on my screen.
Screenshot - 5_26_2023 , 3_49_40 PM

I changed the display to 150% and that didn’t make a difference so I tried 125% and they both had the same results. The little Icons are small after I upgraded to 2023.