LayOut 2020.1 's bugs

Today I have updgrade to 2020.1 version. I start using LayOut in just about 1 hour with a new file and I get many bugs and crash from LayOut and can not continue working.
Many bugs following:

  • “error code 10” and can’t save file.
  • Can’t not open recovery file because “…stagging…”
  • Crash when save
  • Crash from unknow reason
  • Rendering resolution…

When I roll back to 2020.0 version, everything is fine with the same file.


Hi Cyentruk, I am sorry to hear you are having issues. Would you be able to share the file with me so I can take a look at it?


Having same “Error code 10” problems here also. It doesn’t happen on all files. I will send you the file…

I also had to go back to the previous version. Exactly the same problems.

Do you already know what the reason is?

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Same problem here: SU2020.1 & Win10. Desktop with a GTX1080.

  • a 4 page layout document. Saving after updating a model reference many times crashes LO. It also erases the LO file so the only file left is the backup file. Doing the same with the backup file erases that one as well so all your work is gone…
  • it looks like LO won’t crash if, after updating a model reference, you first switch to all 4 pages for a second. If I then save it doesn’t seem to crash.

still investigating…


Hi Cyentruk,
I experienced the same issue and I wonder, for the time being, how to roll back to the 2020.0 version in order to go ahead with my current projects.
Do I only need to launch the 2020.0 installation file?

@Atelier_Trolez, First, you need to uninstall SketchUp from System Settings > Add or Remove Programs (Windows 10)
Then reinstall.

P/S: I have given SketchUp 2020.1 a try, but the issue still there and I must roll back, again.

I still have not any idea. I sent a file to SketchUp team for investigating issues.

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Thank you Cyentruk! I will uninstall and reinstall it with hope not to loose any of my plugins and settings. Will see…
I hope that Trimble will clarify the issue quickly as 2020.1 seems to propose some smart news.

@Cyentruk Thank you for your answer. Did you get any feedback from Sketchup?

@maxB Thank you for valuable information. Does this method work for other files? Not very convenient for multi-page documents, but if it works every time, it’s probably the only workaround.

Has anyone checked if this method works for him? I haven’t had time to test on my files, but the lack of feedback from Sketchup convinces me to try.

Hello every one
The only issue I’ve found for error code 10 is to reinstall 2020.0 sketchup version.
Every thing works fine.
Any way new functions are no use.
Here is my method to retrieve your missing layout files, as Layout erases files for current directory!
I’ve sent this information ti technical support.
I’ve had no answer from support.
Hope they will be able to solve and secure their new update.

Last but not least : my opinion
I hope many users will agree with my point of view and request theses changer in futur “corrected” release.

I would like to continue using sketchup.
But I am expecting new sketchup sub-releases or new releases include much more new functions or interface improvements.
for example :

1/ Scenes : a scene manager is essential

  • Renaming a scene should be possible as renaming a tag on the list
  • Scene list could be sorted by name / date / style type / active sections
  • tree could be created to group scenes (all sections / all orthogonal views / all perspective views / All
  • ability to Move scenes in the list by dragging (like layers in layouts)
    2/ Windows preferences should include toolbar position
    3/ Main speed improvements, I mean if possible
  • faster optimized code
  • better use of open GL
    4/ Include a set of most used free ruby scripts during install
    Or include (buying) necessary functions as “solid inspector 2” plugin by thomthom with written sketchup code (not ruby)
    5/ Set a priority key (Ctrl+C) to stop any current sketchup or plugin operation that seems to jam sketchup
    6/ A fast isolate group (hide all rest and unhide)
    7/ Layout
  • force perpendicular dimensions - I do this by copy paste a perpendicular dimensions then change the copied dimension points
  • improve speed of drag copy elements (Labels, texts…)
  • improve speed of resizing sketchup views - resizing height or length is much faster then both together !
  • copy paste sketchup view with dimensions without loosing dimensions values
    8/ a faster sketchup launch - plugins load in background
    9/…many many other things that can be done to maintain sketchup at a higher level that all other sowtwares (as it was before)
    AKTME_sketchup_layout_bug_report_V2020-1_20200507.pdf (2.9 MB)

With the project I mentioned before, opening the different pages is the workaround that seems to work every time. I just tested with another multi page project but that one doesn’t crash when saving…

Hi all, we have been trying to figure out what might be causing this to occur but so far have not been able to reproduce this behavior. Based on the BugSplat data I see and what I can gather from the forums there may be something you all have in common but would like to verify.

Are you running a localized installation of SketchUp? if so what one?
Are you using or do you use Google File Stream?

Thank you

No, the default English version (top in download list)
No, all local data.

edit: just submitted a bugsplat #3355
edit2: file is 23 Mb so can’t email

You could use or some other file transfer service. I like WeTransfer because you don’t have to sign in or have an account. Look for three blue dots, that lets you change from it being an email share to getting a link, and you could include the link here too.

Sorry, can’t share the file in public. My clients wouldn’t be happy with that. Will see if I can strip down the file more while keeping the issue and email that directly to Trent.

edit @trent a smaller file has been send to you by email directly

Got it, thanks for sending it.


Default English version
I use google drive to backup my files.

In addition, in 2020.0 and earlier, LayOut sometimes created some dimension artifacts (invisible ghost objects) that caused a file export error to pdf.

And also I am currently working on the 2020.0 version, but I noticed that the “position camera” function works differently in 2020.1. Until now, after positioning the camera with this tool and switching to 2D view, you could set the view using zoom and pan. “Zoom” zoomed the view and allowed for framing, but did not move the camera, in 2020.1 “zoom” changes the position of the camera. Until now, I used this action to create facade views, but also cross-sections and my documents are full of such views, maybe it causes a problem?

For now, I don’t have time to investigate this matter. A lot of ongoing work needs to be done.

  • Are you running a localized installation of SketchUp? No, It’s default, English version.
  • Cloud file? Yes, Dropbox. But it happens with local files, too. Tested.

Hi all, we appreciate you all providing your input and files to use in this investigation. It turns out that the issue is related to the users UTC + timezone (for example UTC + 01:00) and the timestamp associated with the last render of an inserted SketchUp file.

If the SketchUp file has not been rendered since it was last edited, LayOut will crash once the file is saved. We are working on this fix.

Enabling Auto render in the SketchUp Model panel will prevent this from happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.