Layout Constantly Crashing

I really need some help. I have had previous problems with Layout and now it’s getting to the point of unusability. I am using a brand new high spec laptop, and Layout can’t seem to handle rendering a small floor plan from Raster into Vector. I have sent upwards of 20 bug reports with no avail. Please give me a solution as it is holding me back. Thanks

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Could you say which element on which page has a problem? Five of the pages seem to have a SketchUp model on them, and they are already set to Vector.

Hi Colin, Thanks for responding. It seems to have no rhyme or reason to its crashes. Its inconsistent. Occasionally it will let me change it from Raster to vector sometimes it won’t. None of the 5 specific elements crash or don’t. However specifically in this instance it was the first element that seemingly caused the crash. However when I rebooted the model and tried the exact same process again it worked very smoothly. Thanks

My experience of this is that it is an occasional and arbitrary problem with no apparent cause or solution.

Occasionally, choosing Vector or Hybrid rendering will crash Layout. If it starts to happen on a given drawing, you won’t cure it. All you can do is to relaunch Layout and go one working in Raster mode.

However, I see that @colin has successfully opened your drawing and found viewports in Vector mode. So this may be a problem specific to one’s own computer.

I have recently updated to a much more powerful iMac and have not yet encountered the problem. Which may just mean that it is waiting to be found, of course!

I had an idea. What is it that makes you think that LayOut has crashed? If you switch to Vector and LayOut stops reacting (you can’t select tools or objects), does pressing Esc make it recover?

If it does, it could be that the warning dialog has opened off screen.

I’ll try that next time. I don’t know if this helps but in the last 5-10 seconds before the crash the move tool icon pops up and freezes on my cursor. I know Layout has crashed because Layout closes and the Bug splat dialogue pops up. Thanks

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Just a quick look at your file. One thing I notice is a lot of unused references. Compare before and after purging.

Another thing I see with the first SU file I opened is usage of scenes. It would be a good idea to get in the habit of creating scenes in the .skp file for the views you want to use in LO. Make sure you aren’t copying and pasting from SU to LO, too.

Thanks for replying Dave. I have amended these thing and started from scratch. I am still facing the issue of unforeseeable crashes though. Just recently it crashed again from rendering a model that had been updated from a model reference. Is there anyway certain cause/ solution to my problem?

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Well, I was unable to make your file crash LayOut but then I’m using a PC with a decent graphics card. The integrated GPU you’ve listed in your profile is not a real high performer and it could be that it’s the cause of your crashes.

You say you get Bug Splats when LO crashes. Have you been sending them in with some identifying information that would perhaps allow someone like @colin to find them?

Also, I wonder if you installed SketchUp and LayOut correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator. Maybe there’s a permissions problem caused by incorrect installation.

In the 15 or so crashes, I sent properly structured bug splats with detailed information on what I was doing. After a while of sending these bug splats, they started going downhill as a couple of times I lost hours of work and there were some angry messages. Whether the bug splats were angry or not they all had identifiable information on them.

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I think that you didn’t put your name or email each time, but I still found about 5 or your crashes. All of them show this explanation:

“System.AccessViolationException Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.”

They are all failing during the same action. Interesting discussion here:

For someone there they blamed a thing call Nvidia Network Manager.

Is your profile correct, in that you only have an Intel GPU? If that’s the case, can you check if you have any Nvidia software installed, that isn’t needed?

Hi Colin,
I had a look through my program files and searched through windows and couldn’t find anything NVIDIA related. I am sure that this is an Intel-only system. Where should we go from here? Also what is meant by other memory is corrupt? Its a 4 week old laptop that is basically clean with the only applications on the laptop being Sketchup and Layout

I don’t think it means the RAM is faulty, but that some other program is changing memory that LayOut is relying on.

Maybe @Adam will have a better way to explain it.

Adam, all of the crashes are happening during a PickTesterPoint.Test.

I don’t know if this can help but I can see that the RAM usage % is very high while using multiple applications at the same time. Sketchup, Chrome and Layout are frequently open at the same time. Is this basically saying I need to upgrade the RAM currently installed or install more? (The Idle Usage percentage is 60% with Layout and Sketchup open)

More memory does help, but when 60% is being used that doesn’t mean it has to have that much, it’s just what it grabbed at that time. If other programs need more of the memory, LayOut would use less, but then perhaps work slower.

How much memory does the computer have?

It has 8gb of 2400mhz RAM

Hey Sam,

Your ram isn’t the problem here, there does seem to be something going wrong in LayOut. We are tracking this issue, but we are having difficulties reproducing it in-house. It may be related to using an integrated graphics card which causes renders to take longer than expected, but that shouldn’t be a reason for crashing.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Thanks Adam. It would be great to get this fixed as it is slowing me down.

Hello Adam, any developments, solutions on this issue? I’m getting it on Layout 2020 and 2021.
Thank you for the help

2021 Layout is proving to be unstable in our office. Three times on one machine and one time on another. I installed updated Nvidia drivers in hopes that it would stabilize. It seems to have slowed the frequency of the crashes but not stopped them altogether. This is a more frequent problem with 2021 than 2020 at our office.

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