Insane Price Increase

I paid $239 for pro in November. There has been very little improvement in the app since then, I also only use this for personal use. I model home renovation projects for decks, built-ins, and other finished carpentry stuff so my wife can see things before I start. Increasing the price to $349 is insane.

What is my 46% increase buying at this point? What is the increase for?

There should be a “personal” license that includes everything in the app as is. Any new features should be split into the “pro” and up versions. If not, I will likely cancel and find a more affordable program to use.


You got a pretty good discount at that time. The normal subscription price has been $299 for years. By my calculation that means it’s a little less than 17% increase. Costs for everything else have been going up, too. In many cases more than 17% over the last year.

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Where are you seeing that price?
As far as a personal license goes, there’s the free, browser-based version. You don’t get the full capabilities of the desktop app, like extensions, but if you’re just using it for personal projects, it should be adequate. Then there’s the Go version, which is 120/year. It’s basically the browser version with more features. Still no extensions, but you get more file options and a few extra controls not available in the free version.

Yeah, not getting the discount every time you reapply can be a little frustrating, but they’re not really meant for regular customers. They’re meant to entice new users, take the edge off the full cost to see if they like it enough to stick around.

I am sorry that you see this as too big a step for the price of a valuable piece of software. Give what you are saying SketchUp does for you, it seems like it is still worth the cost.

I know, I know… I work for Trimble so I am biased. I honestly hope that, given my track record of supporting this community, you may be able to hear me out. The last time SketchUp had a price increase was over four years ago. Given that this is less than a 15% increase when inflation just for 2022 was 8%, it seems like that is a fair price increase.

The simple fact is that everything gets more expensive over time. I know… it sucks… but a 15% price increase over four years is pretty slight compared to some other increases out there. When you consider the average cost of a gallon of gas went from $2.69 in 2019 to $4.06 in 2022 (a 50% increase), less than 15% is really not terrible.

Just something to think about!


All valid points and I get things cost more over time.
It is sad that everyone is basically trying to normalize high inflation, I feel everyone should hate it, it is a tax on everything.

I didn’t realize I got such a sweet intro deal, so I guess it adds a little sugar to the price hike medicine.

The main reason I had to go pro was that I needed extensions. Even though I am doing stuff for me, I still need to be able to estimate and optimize material/cut lists for finish carpentry work. I do secretly have a dream of doing it as a business but I’m a little bit old to start something like that. Maybe custom furniture some day…


I’ll add my voice to the idea that the announced price increase is absurd. I’ve been using Sketchup since the beginning. In Australian $$ last year the subscription was AU$332. The new price is AU$515. That’s a 55% increase. That sort of price hike in a time when the building industry has gone off a cliff and my work has reduced by more than 50% is not do-able.

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same question. didn’t get an email, it’s not on the blog, nor on the website (still have the 285€ + 20% VAT)

but yeah, inflation, not surprised. my domain name and hosting gained 17%, my ISP 15%… there are costs that we don’t think about, servers for the warehouses and such.
and also, trimble is a for profit company. they tend to try to conserve their gains the same way we try to maintain our way of life. not really surprised.

exchange rate adjustment. Companies that sell internationally tend to announce their prices once.
Over the last 5 years, the rate between US and AUS $ has gone from 1.7 (maximum) to 1.29. right now it’s 1.48
right now, 299us$ should be 444aus$. maybe the last time they established the australian price the rate was better, we’ve seen similar price changes with the euro recently.
From 444 to 515 it’s a 16% inflation hike in range with the 17% calculated by Dave.

but yeah. it sucks. watching massive companies all around the world announce record profits while taking the blunt of inflation in the face. I call it justified anger (in france, we have been demonstrating against this, amongst many other things. being angry about it is normal). And really, the people our anger should be aimed at are not on this forum. they are in stock exchanges floors and board rooms, drinking gasoil and sniffin caviar (not sure what these powerful people actually do :slight_smile: )


I got an email which contained this:

The price of Pro and Studio subscriptions will increase on July 10, 2023, and your annual subscription charge will change on your renewal date.
Pro (annual subscription): $349 USD | £279 GBP | €319 EUR
Studio (annual subscription): $749 USD | £599 GBP | €689 EUR

I assumed all users got it. Maybe I’m just lucky :slight_smile:

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Those must be prices excluding added tax.

Certainly for the UK – the current cost is £245 + 20% tax.

So if the new cost is going to be £279 + tax, that’s not too bad…

You probably wouldn’t want to know…


I assume they’re not sending 20M emails at once, 'll probably get it soon. weird though that it’s not mentioned at least on the blog, it’s not a secret since they’re sending emails :slight_smile:

same in euros, it’s plus VAT, but for most companies VAT is deductible, so pro prices ase usually VAT free.

Okay well, I’m still grousing about perpetual license shell game in which it amazingly disappeared.
From my lowly vantage it does not seem that improvements to the program have kept pace with the cost. But, what’s an addict to do if the price of his habit goes up? Yes, you hear mewing resignation here!
One nuisance which might be fixed in a new release is that every time you install a new version, all your templates go away and your hard honed work environment needs putting back together.
Anyway, all the best to folks doing good despite headwinds.


I just got the email this morning. It was apparently sent out Friday, but I didn’t see it (stupid Outlook).

One nuisance which might be fixed in a new release is that every time you install a new version, all your templates go away and your hard honed work environment needs putting back together.

I agree. When you get an update to say Microsoft Word, for example, it doesn’t wipe out your preferences, templates and add-ins. So it can be done. If Trimble needs to up their price, I can understand that. Inflation effects them like anyone else. But what would make the increase go down a little easier would be to put more effort into earning it. Sketchup 2023 was a complete joke and after that, they dare to take more money? I know Trimble has it justified in their minds that it’s only a 15% increase and everyone should just shut up and accept it. But whether it’s 15%, 10% or whatever, that’s beside the point. Come on guys, you need to up your game first and then ask for an increase. That would be much more widely accepted.


I’d like to see this soon - I think it has been problematic in the past because SketchUp connects to many 3rd party extensions or even custom ones - some of which only work with specific versions.

We can see evidence of the groundwork being laid to help this, so hopefully we will get there eventually.

Increasing price arbitrarily without any give-back is not playing fair.
Maybe IT IS time to look for other solutions

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Sketchup price compared to other softwares like Revit, Archicad, Rhino, Autocad and a lot more, is very cheap, as a professional who uses the software, the price of the license pays it self even with a small project, if you don’t make money out of it, probably you should look for other alternatives, like blender and Qcad, but for people making money out of it, the price, even with the “insane increase”, is one of the most affordable on the market. At least for my profession.


Hi Aaron, Sketchup 2022 is really a piece of valuable software for me, not the 2023 version which still is full of bugs and can’t be worked with. BugSplats, black trays etc etc…

…sorry I’m just frustrated while I’ve paid for it.

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No doubt, Aaron (The One and Only!), it’s not a big price increase in the scheme of things.

Please, just make on easy improvement: make the return or enter close any text entry field. I am really tired of creating layers “m”, “t” or any number of other short cuts.

And, if I may be so bold as to ask yet another improvement: in model info, make the Component > hide / fade rest of model persistent as part of a template. It doesn’t take long to set it the way I want it, but 10-15 seconds x’s a thousand new windows opened every year adds up


Over the years, I’ve personally designed and built over $5M worth of millwork using SketchUp. Yes, there are shortcomings and things I’d love to see which I believe would not be too difficult to incorporate. Cut lists, nesting sheets, those are at the top of my wishlist. The reality is that for what it does, it’s the best value out there.
If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that no software does it all. All of them have flaws. It’s just the way it is and we do best to adapt. I’m starting to use Mozaik in my workflow which does have the capability of generating cut lists and nesting sheets. It also has parametric scaling which is also something I would love to see SketchUp make more use of.
Bottom line, if you’re making your living by selling the work you create with Sketchup, it’s well worth the price.