Sketchup pricing

Something wrong with Trimble rip off pricing
Personal licence $299/yr
Professional licence $299/yr

Profs I can understand as they make money from using the app, so should be happy to pay

but I am a longtime hobbyist since 2004 and have never made a bean from its use

It seems I am being unfailry victimised here and Trimble has seen fit to remove all forms of 3d modelling import files, eg dxf, kmz etc so I cant do contours from publicly available topo maps. - thats really spiteful

I would pay $50/yr just to get regular product updates, but I cant justify my hobby with $299/yr, nothing short of price gouging. Serious designers would use ACAD anyway


“Serious designers would use ACAD anyway”
Time to update your knowledge. ACAD is definitely a dinosaur these days.

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ACAD might be a dinosaur but is surely used still a lot especially w/ industry-specific extension (AEC)… for professionals required to create advanced 2D (shop) drawings.

yep, this is still a market.


Why have you switched to subscription and have not stayed with “Pro Classic” (perpetual)?


I am only presented with the subscription model which only features cloud apps. where is this Classic (desktop?) version?

Directly below that box there’s a link to the classic license. Also, I don’t believe there is such thing as a “personal license” for Pro.

Not sure why you think your software pricing should be free and/or drastically reduced simply because you don’t make money from it. You’re getting, literally, the same software as any professional, so you should expect to pay the same. You’re expecting pro functionality, afterall.

Finally, I can’t imagine how you concluded the pricing is a ripoff. At $299 a year, that’s only $25 a month. For anyone who uses it professionally, that’s about 1/2 hour of work, or far less depending on rate, essentially making a single client phone call pay for it.

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Bottom of image you’ll see the link to the Classic license at a classic price.

OK thanks easy to miss that

check the the subscriptiion model. I wouldnt have posted it otherwise

Classic $695 WOW thats more than Photoshop bloatware

Meantime, I found ways to workaround Trimble destruction

good job I kept my old versions of SU from su4 thru su8

there is no way i would sign up for a subscription cloud model and cloud storage - real control freakery dreamt up by bean counters

If I were running a commercial design studion I wouldnt put my business under third party control

What remedy have you against Trimble when they get it wrong and screw up your work

Similar pricing to the previous versions going back years.

You’re not forced to use the cloud storage, but it’s there as a backup and for sharing as a bonus.

Save your files as you normally do.

As you know with something like firefox M$ etcyou are constantly bombarded to update your app. From experience you will know that this issnt always something you do right away, wait until you see what other reactions are

With a Cloud app you get updated like it or not and changes may well not fit with your ongoing work and/or need time out to learn new features that changed older methods

I prefer to be in control

?? One hasn’t been able to “buy” PS for some time as they went subscription. Last version you could “buy” was CS6 ('12) iirc.

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yes indeed thats how much of a luddite I am, I am still with CS3 PORTABLE. A mere 50MB loads from my thumb drive (vs 750MB for desktop version). Its been with me reliably since 2009

FYI I still keep a pc with XP3 sp3 on, and also one with Win7. sure comes in handy to oppose M$ domination. I use W8.1 which I am happy with. But I absolutely hated W10 and the way M$ tried to force you to upgrade from 8.1 for free. Real control freak stuff again but you know all that

The subscription isn’t a cloud app. It’s still a Pro installation on your computer. It’s just a payment plan that gets you the most recent update whenever you want it.

Pretty sure those each cost at least $495 each.

Well you do you but I would not go back to XP or even Win7 (work machine still on it but only for 2 more months) now that I have used Win10 Pro at home. Just my opinion but 10 has been ROCK solid for me. Runs everything I throw at it (Acad, Adobe, Unreal, Unity, SU, Revit…whatever even games).

You hated how Microsoft wanted to give you free software, in a thread where you expect free software? I don’t understand. Win10 is not free anymore, btw. You missed that free upgrade. LOL.


I am amazed that Trimble does not realize that the Free/Make version was the entry door for many users. University students would use it for years and then, after graduating, would buy a Pro version, at least in my experience as a university professor.

Now their only option is the online version which is clearly not meant for serious work as it cannot accept extensions and does not allow offline work. Thus the way out for most students, especially in developing countries, is to use cracked copies of Sketchup or change the software. For one, formZ does have a free version.

I used to be a Sketchup evangelist in class and one of my strongest arguments in favor of its adoption was the fact that there was a fully usable free version. Some would say there is student pricing. However, $50 per year is not pocket money in developing countries. And to turn bad to worse, when it gets to South America the $50 turns into $100.

I wonder what is the marketing advantage of eliminating the free version as it existed until recently.


The free make version is still available right? It is a bit hard to find but I downloaded it some weks ago and recommend it to start with since it is free, make version works offline also… it is a bit buggish, lacks support, but does the work.

Thanks. Great tip!