Cut the price of Pro for Hobbyists / DIYers in half

I don’t know if this would be a feature or not but it would be sweeeeeeet for us who can’t justify the $700 price for a hobby or our DIY home upgrades we have to send to the city for approval like decks. Of course it would be an honor system.

For such uses, why not just get the free Make version?

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And I do but having Layout to use is nicer for templates and scaling and I figure if we can get the Trimble guys to accommodate us it doesn’t hurt to ask. ; )

As you say, no harm in asking, but as Layout is one of the main differentiators of Pro, Trimble is not likely to grant your wish!

If you are affiliated with a school, either as a student or an instructor, you may be able to obtain an educational license. This type of license is provided at a cost that is much lower than the regular price of SU Pro.

Sad to say I am not any more. Even during the 26 years that I was I worked in the IT department and was not part of the faculty.

I agree with you, that DIYers and sole-proprietors often need the Pro Solid Tools and LayOut.

I also just re-requested this same idea as a “Craftsman” license. Ie, more than a hobby, but less than commercial company. My idea is that (like the Make license,) it is restricted in what or how much you can use it for.

The main idea is to get more crafters helping to fund SketchUp improvements, which may also allow the Pro price to drop back down to 499+99yr.


yeah that is why I downloaded the Sketch up Make for my laptop being on Social Security i do not have gobs of money laying around !

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Take a look at this software: modo indie 901 on steam

It is for monthly payments or 6 months. I think Trimble could make some adjustments for freelance / hobbyists artists.

Looks interesting I will check it out. Thanks anme!

great idea , and to nations poor, good price.