Suggestion - Hobby License

I would like to suggest the Trimble offer a Hobby license for those of us who enjoy using SketchUp but only do it as a hobby. Here is what I would like to suggest/propose:

I am suggesting an annual fee of $180/yr for the license with the following features:

  • While you can use the iPad and Web versions, it is not required

  • Desktop version - I am suggesting this be a desktop version primarily because of the need to use plugins. I have used SketchUp for nearly 10 years and do not remember ever creating a model where I did not use plugins. IMO, the hundreds of plugins available for SketchUp provide many capabilities that are vital to creating models.

  • Ability to import models from the 3D Warehouse - I find many useful things in the 3D Warehouse but since my version in no longer supported and I must download items in the Collada file format. When I then try to use tme in my model I find many faces missing. There are other mays to resolve this issue byt it requires using other software or plugins to solve these issues. Therefore, I need/want a version of SketchUp that will allow me to use these items in the skp file format.

  • NO Layout Again, IMO, since I am using SketchUp as a hobbyist I do not see the need for Layout and think it should not be included in the Hobby version.

  • NO Commercial Use Again, since this would be a Hobby license, I think there should be strict rules that prohibit using this version for commercial purposes. While this may be hard to enforce, I think it should be clear to the user when they purchase this version that it may not be used for commercial purposes and there will be consequences to violations of the agreement.

I hope I have made my suggestion clear and that others will support the suggestion. :smiley:


Appreciate the hearts. I would like to get/see some feedback on my suggestion. :slight_smile:

Would the rest of us pay a little bit more so you could go cheap?

I would certainly hope not!

I kinda like the idea, even though we are using the ■■■■ out of our pro liscences! But yes - a hobby-liscence would be awesome for people who want the desktop experience but only use it a few times a year. Another possibility would be something like credits for each day the program has been used - because that’s the big difference - some people use Sketchup EVERY DAY. And other people don’t use it for month on end then have this one garden shed they want to do - so they use it a bit, then it lingers again. That’s Affinity for me, actually. I occasionally do some graphics but not very often. Nice to have that program that I only needed to pay once and do not have to worry about the costs as long as I don’t use it.

It’s not going to happen, though. :slight_smile:

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I’m not a hobbyist but I agree that sketchup make should return, not for free as it used to be, the price you suggest seems fair to me, but if you’re paying for a license it should be for commercial use as well, the GO version is cheaper and it allows it’s use for commercial purposes.


I would guess that enforcing the “no commercial use” rule would be impossible. Already, with the current free versions, people using them talking about “clients” and “deadlines” asking questions or offering their services on the forum is a daily occurrence.


Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate them. :+1:

I also realize that enforcing the non commercial use is almost impossible to enforce but I was trying to come up with something affordable/more reasonably priced for those of us who like and promote ShetchUp but do not have any income from using it. :smiley:

To be honest, I am not overly worried about hobbyists. You must compare with other hobbies. Even with the subscription model, SketchUp Pro is quite a lot cheaper than playing golf, for instance. What I worry about the pricing is the third world. In many cases SketchUp would be a good tool for taking a small design, building or manufacturing business to the next level, but the current pricing would, even if affordable here, be too high for them.


Some good points. :+1: :+1:

Here’s an idea:

Rather than focusing on a new subscription tier, completely eliminate the tiers. Instead, allow subscribers to pick and choose what features they want to include in their subscription plan, with some features coming default (IE access to Sketchup for Web, Mobile Viewer, 3D Warehouse, etc.).

Each option has a price associated with it, IE Sketchup Pro Desktop App is $180 a year, Layout adds an additional $100, Style Builder adds on, Unlimited Cloud Storage adds on, Sketchup for iPad adds on, V-Ray, etc…

Back when Sketchup ran a perpetual license gig this probably wouldn’t have been possible, but now that everything is subscription-based, structuring something like this is certainly possible.

Then just have a general installer that calls the server, sees the saved choices of your subscription plan, and only installs the components you chose for your subscription. Want something added to your subscription? You can go to the website and for a nominal fee you can include this option for x amount of money (determined by how close you are to the next subscription renewal), then starting on y date it’ll charge full price for that component on your subscription.

… or something along those lines.

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Interesting proposal indeed. :smiley:

I wonder if anyone from Trimble/SketchUp reads this stuff. :crazy_face:

I have pro but I found the free Sketchup 2017 very useful for hobbyists. There’s an extension available that converts newer warehouse files to the older format. The program is buried somewhere but you should still be able to find it.

Interesting idea, but I suspect it would require a significant development effort to implement. What incentive would Trimble have to spend the money it would take? To persuade them you would need to explain how there would be a return on the investment.

In very simplistic thoughts, I would say the return would be an increase in concurrent subscribers, and a new data point to see what features people use most and use least. That way they clearly can see what’s working, what’s not, and work on improving weak areas while reinforcing the good points.

That’s probably a super simple generalization though. They probably would lose money in the short term, but in the long term probably make it up as the cost entry gate is lowered and more people but into it.

Yes - most forum threads are read by someone at SketchUp and often discussed or shared internally :slight_smile:

Alas we are not staffed to engage with and get involved in all forum threads. In any case, the forum is more for the community to discuss together.

Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas.

Are there any SetchUp Web Free users here? Using it for hobby solutions?

One suggestion is to get all versions of SketchUp look more or less the same. Same icons is not enough. If for instance you open the online version, its layout of menu’s differs completely from the desktop version. And that while the online version seems to be undervalued.
It took me quite a while to get myself familiar with handling the online version after having “used” the desktop version for many years “to answer” questions from other SketchUppers.

Be careful what you wish for, you could end up with pro using the cumbersome web toolbars.


:rofl: you are right. But I am hoping for the opposite.
The web toolbars wing flaps are a pain. That’s why it took me quite some time. And still, … even the so called improvement with customisable toolbars isn’t. We only have one column to pin tools onto. Two would be a real improvement, (left side).
And then the other side. Open windows always in the way, forcing you to scroll up or down. Unless you click to the specific window header again to get its focus.

Another related suggestion.
A price reduction for a Senior, Non-commercial license for pro.

As a 75-year old person who has used SU since version 2 and likes to stay proficient with the latest versions of SU but now does fewer detail modeling as a hobby and also does some testing for plugin creators.

I would think that are other devoted “old-timers” with limited incomes that would appreciate a pricing break.