Why not a hobbyist version?

I am stuck on Make because the web version does not support plugins and I cannot justify $350/year for the Pro version. I do woodworking for as a hobby and I’d gladly pay $200 to own a perpetual license to a desktop version of SketchUp that supports plugins.

Can you please consider a version for non-commercial/personal use? even a 10-20 monthly sub would make more sense for me than the expensive pro versions.

Again, Web is not an option as I need support for the cutlist plugins.

I can’t believe I am a market of 1.

Thank you!

This has been a constant request. You are not alone.


See this thread. :smiley:
[ Suggestion - Hobby License](https:// Suggestion - Hobby License)

This is aTrimble business and marketing decision. They rarely share the reasoning behind their decisions in a public forum such as this. We can request a hobby version, but we will likely never know why there isn’t one, we can only speculate.


Your not alone!?

I too would pay a reasonable amount for SketchUp on a desktop/Personal version.

@SnoopyMutant ,what’s wrong with continuing to use Make??
You say you are stuck, I say you already have what you want…

You´re using already a version that supports plugins, for free. Is there a reason you need a newer version?