Uniting for a Cause: Perpetual Licenses for Loyal SketchUp Users

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Subject: Uniting for a Cause: Perpetual Licenses for Loyal SketchUp Users

Dear SketchUp Community,

I hope you are all well and ready for a call to action that can shape the future of our creative journey. Like many of you, I am a passionate SketchUp user, a tool that has not only expanded our creative horizons but has also become a fundamental part of our lives.

Recently, I made a request to Trimble, the company behind SketchUp, seeking the continuation of perpetual licenses for long-standing and loyal users like us. Unfortunately, the representative who assisted me explained that this decision was not within their purview. They suggested that we come together as a community and bring our request to the official forum.

Now is the time for us to unite and demonstrate the strength of our dedication. It’s not just about a licensing option, but a recognition of years of commitment and ethics, choosing legality over piracy.

The SketchUp community is an endless source of talent, innovation, and creativity. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s share our stories, our passion, and our reasons for wanting perpetual licenses. Let’s create a powerful call that Trimble cannot ignore.

I invite each of you to join this cause. Let’s make our request a collective voice that resonates, not only for SketchUp but for integrity, ethics, and respect for our creative community.

Together, we can shape the future of SketchUp and ensure that it continues to be an accessible tool for all its loyal followers.

With gratitude and determination,



You’re giving out a call to action, but how, and upon what, do we act?

Do we just throw a +1👍 on this topic?

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Have a look at this suggestion I just posted: Suggestion - Hobby License

Count me in for this purpose! Let us know what we need to do.

The Loyal sketchup user that started this only hung around for 3 days.

I need the perpetual license. I think there are a lot of people around the world that use sketchup in a more professional way but that can not afford this annual fee, specially paying in dollar!! People can make an effort once to buy it but not every year over and over again.

All too often we see the argument that because I don’t make enough money I should get a discount on the tools. This seems to be something that is endemic to the software industry. But a carpenter, electrician, roofer, stained glass craftsman, plumber etc has to buy and maintain his tools just to break even. He doesn’t go the local toolshop and say, I’m only making these few jobs so I’ll take that saw, that planner, that set of chisels and I’ll only pay this much for them because I’m only going to make this much from the job. He has to sharpen them, replace parts, update them as necessary, they don’t last forever.
A tool is a tool and is the cost of doing business, if the tool is too expensive then you need to look elsewhere.
A handsaw is far cheaper than a powersaw and does the same job. My old man never used a powertool in his 89 years and has produced things that I couldn’t come close to using ‘real’ tools.
Thankfully he taught me to understand tools and how to adapt them.