SketchUp Pro License for Academics

I have used SketchUp in my teaching for over a decade now, going through all the iterations of ownership from the creators @Last, to Google to Trimble. Every year I’ve applied for and received a free academic license for SketchUp Pro, but this seems to not be the case any longer. I didn’t find anything on the current web site, and it’s not addressed in the new subscription model information page. The only thing I see is the academic subscription at $55 per year.

Can someone (ideally from Trimble) confirm that SketchUp Pro is no longer free to educators, but now costs $55 per year? If so, that’s a shame as it was a generous gift to educators.

Thank you.

It is still free in some cases:

I thought some educators also still got it for free, but see from this page that educators pay the $55 that students pay:

For what it’s worth, the thing that was free, that students paid $50 for, was just the desktop application. The $55 that either students or educators can get is the $1199 per year Studio product, so it’s not quite the same thing.

Still, I will get education colleagues to drop by and give a definite answer.

Sketchup Make 2017 is still free

availability of ‘Make’ is actually irrelevant in this situation…

if you are an Academic using SU for work, you need a commercial or academic licence…

either you or your institution needs to ensure EULA compliance…



Correct, his changed 25 juni, this year. Before, we (as Official Partner of SketchUp but not owned by Trimble) granted educators free licenses (classic) and evaluated after a year. “I teach SketchUp at this and that institute” did not always reflect the use of SketchUp at that institute, so we also had a free license per 10 sold educational network licenses.
A teacher can also use the network license, instead of her or his own personal one.