Educator Pro Licence

The trimble page says that you can get a pro licence for free as an educator, or the sketchup online version. I would much rather have the pro licence and use the software offline also. Does anyone know how to do so?



uh, where ? because all I can see is this :

sketchup studio for 55/y , and you have to go through a local reseller.

well this is from 2020, so it might have changed.

but reading the text, it says you can apply for a free classic license of SU pro via the K12 educational grant.

have you clicked on the link ? it looks to me the article is giving you the whole path to follow, if it’s still valid 3 years later

found the direct link to the 2020 blog post.

links are dead, I’m pretty sure it’s simply that their politic has changed in 3 years. Now it’s like the link I provided in the first place

It’s still on their knowledge base, a Q&A from 2023. I emailed them directly and they sent me to this forum for answers. I really don’t enjoy companies that force users needing support to a public forum without a follow up direct line of contact. Capitalism I guess.

Sketchup doesn’t offer free licenses for students or teachers any more, they’ll give you just a discount, I’m not sure what’s the price for a student/teacher license, but the pro license costs 300$ per year, if you pay 50% of it it would be a good deal for me.

from what I gather, it was simply part of some external grant program.
And I’m guessing the reason why it’s still up is that it’s a blog post. blog posts are likely displayed in order of views, therefore the blog post from 2020 is higher than the one from 2023. standard triage, older means more views.

If you go back to the original blog post, there are several related questions on the side :

The first two are these, from January 2023.

it talks about the K12 program again for primary and secondary schools BUT now it properly talks about the discounted education variant for higher ed.

So the question here is, are you in the US ? Are you primary, secondary school ? higher education ? (give us info, otherwise we can’t help you) if so, have you approached the K12 grant (whatever it is) ? if you’re outside of the US, you seems to have to go through the education local reseller.

We can probably ask @colin (the go-to SU man here) who you should contact at SU for more info, he knows who’s working what department.

@Tori_SU might be the best person to answer these questions.

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Having access to SketchUp Pro as an educator has been a game-changer for my teaching. The added features and capabilities are incredibly useful for creating engaging and dynamic lessons. I also appreciate that it allows me to work offline when needed, making it a versatile tool for both in-class and remote instruction.