Educating pre-service teachers

My students are unfortunately becoming disadvantaged.

I have been a fan of SketchUp since it started with Google. I have been training my pre-service teachers on it for over 10 years now, but with the new changes to University licensing, i fear my pre-service teachers will now have to move onto something like Fusion 360. It is a shame because my pre-service teachers would normally be using SketchUp for Schools. :frowning:

Can Trimble allow pre-service teachers (university students) to get free access to SketchUp Pro? If not, then they unfortunate will move onto something else…

I will get one of my education colleagues to drop by to answer your question.

As a point of interest, the first Google version was SketchUp 6. Though it was an important phase in SketchUp’s history, only three of the 15 versions of SketchUp were during the time it was at Google.

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Hi @david.ellis,

Unfortunately we don’t offer SketchUp Pro free to university students, however the Student Studio bundle for $55/year offers a suite of powerful tools. Aside from purchasing a SketchUp Pro student license, Pre service teaching students still have several free options to access SketchUp.

If your pre-service students are training at a public school, they will qualify for free licenses of SketchUp Pro through our State Wide License Grant program. (To find your State’s representative, please go to our site ( From there, simply email the contact person from your state to request the license codes.)

If they are working in a district that is enrolled with G Suite for Education or Microsoft 0365 they are encouraged to use our free, K-12 specific SketchUp for Schools.

If your students aren’t working in schools that qualify for free licenses through these programs, we also offer our web-based SketchUp Free.

Hopefully one of these options will be suitable for your students.

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