Alternative to SketchUp for Schools?

Assuming using SketchUp for Schools is not possible because a student’s school (K-12) doesn’t have or will not buy a license, what do people suggest a student (10th grader) interested in learning to use SketchUp does?

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I’m not following you. That link took me to a Trimble login page.

At least has a link to the plans and pricing (Buy Sketchup Sale | SketchUp) which I actually already found.

Either way my question remains unanswered: If a high-school student (USA) is at a school that doesn’t have a SketchUp for Schools license, what should they use instead? Possible answers may be one of: Go, Pro, Studio.

What about SketchUp for Students (a higher ed offering)? Seems odd to have a discounted license ($55/year) for higher ed, but only Go, Pro, Studio for K-12 students at schools that don’t have a SketchUp for Schools license. So a high-schooler is supposed to pony up 119 annually until they get to college at which point they only pay $55.

The link I gave you opens a web app of SketchUp, if you registered a Trimble account, for free.
Read the legal stuff there…

Hmmm, that did seem to work after I logged in via a google account. But … what’s the catch?

What do you mean by “catch”? It’s a free version of SketchUp for hobbyist users. It’s very similar to SketchUp for Schools except that model files are saved to Trimble Connect and it doesn’t require an whitelisted edu account.

FWIW, schools don’t have to purchase a license for SketchUp for Schools.

What do you mean by “catch”?

Given that they sell a bunch of plans, I didn’t think it made much sense to have a free version like this. I don’t think they mention SketchUp for Hobbyists on their website. So … are you saying it’s basically the same software as the Higher Ed and For Schools versions?

FWIW, schools don’t have to purchase a license for SketchUp for Schools.

Schools do have to do “something” on their end though to allow students to access the app using their school account. For my district, that “something” looks like jumping through hoops to create the trouble-tickets, to get the system admin to flip the switch to open the access.

I contacted the districts tech staff. They told me the school’s administrator had to “buy” the software, even though it is free, to get the app available along side all the other G-Suite for schools apps.

It is not basically the same as the version for higher ed. That version is SketchUp for Desktop which you would get with a SketchUp Pro or Studio subscription. That version has a lot more capability and can utilize extensions and other features.

SketchUp for Schools is a web-based version aimed at the K-12 crowd. It is limited in capabilities be very useful for the age group to which it is targeted. SketchUp Free is a web-based version that has a powerful but limited tool set. It is aimed at hobbyist users and not for commercial use. Well, SketchUp for Schools and the Higher Ed subscription license are also not for commercial use.