SketchUp for Schools or SketchUp Studio


I’m looking for clarification for my community college district on whether educators in our district are allowed to use SketchUp for Schools with our Google Workspaces or if we need to use SketchUp Studio.

@CaseyG will probably come by on Monday with more information but SketchUp for Schools is aimed at primary school children, not college students. It probably wouldn’t be suitable for the kind of modeling your students would need to do anyway.

Thanks for the post @gra2130191 and thanks for the @ DaveR. I am happy to answer your question. If you are a public k-12 School you are allowed to use SketchUp for Schools. Community colleges do not qualify as they fall outside that category, even if they are serving local high school students. Your students are however, welcome to use our free version of SketchUp if they would like as it definitely is non-commercial use although you may need to consult a lawyer to double check the EULA before you make any official statements regarding that to your students to make sure it complies with any special requirements you have as I know many schools are cautious about that sort of thing.

Additionally, DaveR is correct that while the web version is great, college level students that are using it will quickly start to outgrow it. Specifically, they will probably want to get a few extensions installed so they can explore a particular workflow or may look into rendering their work and the Studio version is definitely the way to go for that sort of thing. Thankfully our educational resellers offer massive discounts for students and we offer lab licenses for schools as well so you don’t need to pay full price to get access to SketchUp Studio.