Sketchup for Schools cost to use

Hello all,
I have personally used Sketchup Make for designing small, personal projects for years and I absolutely love it. I have several friends who are architects and they all use the Pro as part of their jobs. I am teaching some middle school computer classes next year, so I am looking at access to this program for my students. Our district does use G Suite for Schools and Sketchup for Schools looks like it is free for districts with G Suite for Schools accounts.
However, my network administrator is telling me that the app is free, but we have to pay $150 per month to use it. Can anyone help me with this, please?
Thank you!

Hi @CompMat, SketchUp for Schools is completely free to use. I’m not sure where your administrator got the $150/mo fee, but that’s not true. Once your administrator installs SketchUp for Schools, everyone within that domain can access for free.

Since you’re teaching middle school students, be sure to check out the free curriculum as well.

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Joy, thank you so much for clarifying this! It helped me connect with my network administrators, and now we are up and running with kids accessing the program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


You’re welcome! Glad everything is working for you now :slight_smile: