Why does it say 'free licence for educators when it is not?

I get emails from sketchup stating: ’ We offer Pro licenses to educators for free ’ or ’ Claim your free educator license now
But when I click on the links I find out it is NOT for free… anywhere… but costs 50 bucks a year!

So why are we being lied to, in order to bait us into buying??

and actually I think IT SHOULD BE FREE! proffessional programs like substance painter, maya etc. offer REAL FREE licences for educators and students alike! I find this policy is were bad advertisment for sketchup… discouraging myself and others from even properly trying it!

SketchUp IS available FREE OF CHARGE to educators in the U.S.!


Click on “Cost of a License” and then click “Request Educator License” unless you are a school IT administrator seeking network licenses.

For educators outside of the U.S. click the following link:


@gmail.com_cyberpiper77 Note that there are no resellers located in Luxembourg, so you will need to find a reseller in a neighboring region.


SketchUp Pro IS free for educators. I’ve been getting a free license for many years (I teach SU at community college). You need to get the license from an educational reseller, NOT from SU directly. You need a school email address, and some proof of employment at the school, such as a pay stub. You do need to reapply for the license each year. Good luck!


Why is there a cost to "free’ education in other countries? I read this following with some concern, as getting in on the ground floor with your product has the greatest influence.


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It costs $55 here too.

I think the main point here would be that people who contribute as much as Didier shouldn’t be needing to pay for an educators license.

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Is there some accountancy to the cost, like is there fees outside Trimble’s control?

This thread is two years old, last year, I think around this time, the policy changed and set a price on the teacher license.
Checkout this thread: