Pro Education Licenses in UK?


We’re a state secondary school in the UK trying to find out if we qualify for free Pro licenses.

From the “Learn How” link on this page we have gone to Of the two resellers listed here for the UK, one says they do not provide licenses and the other (seemingly West Berks county council) doesn’t reply.

Are we able to get free Pro licenses?


SketchUp sells licenses in the UK through resellers network, via Elmtec. Here is the list of UK resellers for educational licenses (6 companies, plenty to choose from):

E.g. CadSoft or SeeIt3D

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This I’ve seen, but the suggestion is on the page that state maintained schools are eligible for free licenses. Is this US only?

I would suggest emailing this question to Kyle at Elmtec. (would not be surprised, if it is US only, but definitely not in position to comment over this)

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They say they only provide paid licenses for education, so must be US only.

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