SketchUp licencing for educational purposes

Hello everyone,

I have become familiar with SketchUp for the past while and I am really interested in purchasing the student license. In the requirements, it did say that it say that I have to be at an accredited educational institution. I was wondering whether that only means college or university, or if I can put home schooling as my educational facility…

Thanks in advance for your answers…

Hello aupiais97,

When we did sell educational licenses, we required a .edu email address. Nowadays we don’t sell educational licenses directly, they’re purchased through resellers which may have different processes for verifying academic status. The best bet is for you to reach out to the reseller appropriate for you to find out what they need to do to get the discount. Our reseller list can be tracked down at SketchUp for Schools - Product | SketchUp

Most likely, if you are in the U.S. you would go through Creation Engine.

If you derive income from SketchUp you should have a Pro license, same goes if you’re a student or teacher.

Nope on the home schooling. l had a .edu license for 1 year and it has to be an accredited institute. This does include on-line degree courses. Certificates dont apply as it is based on earned credits/hours and I was online with Penn Foster at the time. With home schooling or proficiency course`s the expense is lessened and this results in you not qualifying is how it was explained to me. By Creation Engine, who I received my 2013 Pro .edu one year license from. They need all your enrollment info and student number and they do run your credentials to validate. The one year was $49.00, one thing to mention was I was so busy with a night time job, course work and study. I never really got to use the full potential of the Pro features//Lay Out or sandbox and Dynamic components… 2015 Make may be something to think about as I am just now able to a lot the time to totally explore SU completely.