Deploy Sketchup Make 2017

Is it possible to deploy sketchup make 2017 in a diferent classrooms and diferent schools?
I would like to know because of the licensing…

2.7. Educational Versions

If you are a qualified instructor at an accredited educational institution, or you are an enrolled student at an accredited educational institution and use the Software in your classwork, you may use the Software for classroom teaching purposes, and classwork purposes (“Educational Version”). This includes installation and use of the Software in teaching labs at an educational institution, provided that use of the Software is by enrolled students who are engaged in classroom learning activities at the educational institution. However, if you are an employee of an educational institution and your job responsibilities are not those of a qualified instructor, you must purchase a SketchUp Pro commercial license. Educational Versions of the Software are for educational purposes only and may not be used for commercial, professional or other for-profit purposes. For example, but not as a limitation, if you are employed as a member of the professional staff of an educational institution such as the facilities management team, you are considered to be engaged in for-profit activity and you must purchase a SketchUp Pro commercial license. In addition, other terms and conditions may apply to Educational Versions including without limitation, screening or author criteria as may be set by Trimble from time-to-time. Please contact Trimble for additional information. Educational Versions are licensed for a one year term unless specified otherwise in the Order Form. Upon expiration of the one year term, your right and license to use the Educational Version of the Software expires and the Software will automatically become inoperable. Qualified instructors, students and institutions may purchase a license for an Educational Version of the Software annually upon meeting all program requirements described in this section.

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