SU Pro laptop licenses for high schools (Not in USA)

A question related to SketchUp licensing policy: State schools in New Zealand are provided access to SketchUp Pro through the license agreement with Trimble and our Ministry of Education. As most of our senior high school students now have their own personal laptops, which they are using for school work, is it possible in the near future that the long-term licenses for SU Pro might be applied to students own laptops, not just the school’s computer labs. This would give students greater access to the Layout application and I believe place SketchUp in a really strong position (compared to other CAD programs free for education use) with students doing Technology subjects. The Layout application is a real advantage for visual communication of project work; perspective and axonometric drawings and 2D working drawings. The license could only be applied to student devices registered on the school network with the codes whitelisted to the school network IP addresses for controlling access. Your consideration and feedback would be much appreciated. At my school we are using SU pro in our furniture making courses and our architectural spatial design courses.

I think you currently have a ‘Lab license’ which is basically a regular network license and needs to have connection to the Trimble servers.
Cost is ~$ 15 per seat.
Unlike commercial licenses, they can still be bought after 4 November.

The Trimble servers do not check ip addresses to check where the computer is located, World Wide Web

A Private server handles the activation within the (controlled) domain.
Cost is ~$ 25 per seat (from memory)

An alternative would be a laptop license which could be used to activate individual machines from students (each receive their own license info)

Cost is ~$ 36 per seat

All these variations are valid for one year.

The new way is to provide subscriptions to your students and give them access to all the stuff that’s happening in the AEC industry
(VR/AR/MR/Total station/etc)

Cost is ~$ 55 per sub/year

Ask your local reseller for more info