Important Update on a few Potential SketchUp 2017 issues on Windows


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For anyone experiencing the problems with the selection tool, ultra slow or freezing, this is due to the Windows update KB4015438. This update was rolled out to correct issues with the previous update, KB4013429 but only resulted in creating this new problem in SketchUp. When I uninstalled this update the problem was resolved. There is a new update, KB4016635, which when installed solves the “freezing” problem with selection tool. This can be downloaded and manually installed from the Microsoft Update Catalogue.


SU17 for some reason doesn’t like some graphics cards,I was trying to install SU17 and still can’t get it installed but did read something from them about issues with some cards. I don’t know why they think we are going to go out and buy a new computer with top of the line GU just becuase they Updated their program.


They don’t expect you to buy a top of the line graphics card but you do need a card that is up to supporting OpenGL 3.0. Decent ones don’t cost that much money, either.

It’s unfortunate that some graphics card manufacturers won’t bring their cards and drivers up to 2008 standards and support OpenGL 3.0.


I was having problem with the soften edges and seem to be getting Bug Splats more than often.
I still hand my su 2017 pre M2 installer so deleted Su 2017 Make M2 and installed the pre M2 version it seems to be working ok. I don’t have a high DPI monitor it’s a older nVidia TI 600 ( 1680 x 150 native) some thing. While trying to fix my issue noticed there is an check box option in the run in compatibility mode for high dpi screen you ay want to check that and see if some option there that may help?


Any ideas for using sketchup with the Probook 6550b? The new intel drivers won’t install!


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Problem with Import

I trialled Pro 17, was working fine but then began crashing on start, no bugsplat window though, uninstalled and installed make 17, problem persisted. I thus downloaded make 16, this means however i cant open important work began in pro 17.
Do you have any suggestions for getting make 17 to work? I aim to contact Dell to check if there are any driver updates for my system as the only one i can find for intel 4600 will not install, but it appears i have that version anyway.
I also have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with driver up to date

many thanks in advance.


Which version of the Nvidia driver do you have installed?




Thanks. Nvidia just released a new version (381.89) of the driver for Win 10 that also includes compatibility with the Win 10 Creators Update. You may want to try downloading it from the Nvidia site and see if it fixes the problem with SU 2017.


Please also make sure that in the NVIDEA settings it uses only that card for rendering SketchUp and does not use an integrated card.


I did try this and restart system between changing settings and opening sketchup, I will reinstall make 17 and try again,



Make 17 appears to be launching again, deleted all the app data before reinstalling, restarted after setting NVIDIA driver as default and launched via ‘run with graphics processor : GeForce etc’.

many thanks for your help.


Did you update the Nvidia driver? If so, which version are you running?

Mark Chandler


updated since problem began to 353.82, problem persisted but that was probably because I hadn’t set it as the default SU driver properly, now working fine with 353.82.


Complete burn out with SU.

Vray 3.40+SU 2017
2x GPU Geforce MSi GPU Gtx 1080 x
I7 3,4 GHz + 64Mb
2x Dell U2415

Same bug everyday (this) updated drivers, try all possible configurations…
Anyone with this config and with results?
10 to 20 crash a day…its imposssible…



If you are getting a bugsplat, please submit it and include your email address so the support team can find it. You will then need to contact the support team directly through this site:
Please make sure to include your SketchUp serial number as technical support is only available for users that have purchased SketchUp Pro.


I did that, Sir.
I continue to have the same troubles, even with a fresh install of all the pc. Trouble seems that SU doesn,t like heavy files and good graphic cards.