SketchUp 2019 Crashing on Windows 10 Pro

I am having issues when I downloaded Pro 2019. I originally hadPro 2017 and then updated my MS and downloaded Pro 2019. Computer kept crashing so I uninstalled Pro 2019 and now Pro 2017 keeps crashing.

I have a Dell Precision M4800 laptop with an Intel Core i7-4810MQ CPU@2.8 GHz 2.8GHz processor, 16GB Ram, 64-bit operating system and running Windows 10 Pro. I also have a Dell U2414H external monitor connected the laptop VIA an HDMI cable.

Should I uninstall Pro 2017 and then reinstall it? Or is there another version I need to install. My MS agreement is up to date.

Thanks for any advice. I’m new to SketchUp as I didn’t use the program until a few days ago even though I’ve had it since 2017.

First make sure you have the latest driver for the graphics system you have, get it from Intel.

Next untick the fast feedback option in the open GL section of the preferences in SU.

Another item to consider is the external monitor, it seems that running a different display resolution than the laptop sometimes causes problems.

You do not have to uninstall the 2017 version. They are each a stand alone app.

Thanks for the help. Driver is on the latest update. I did uncheck the Open GL feedback and and that seems to be working as it hasn’t crashed yet.

Should I stay on 2017 or should I update to 2019 and uncheck the Open GL.

Either one works for me as I’m just starting to learn.

Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Your profile indicates your graphics card is “Intell”. Exactly which Intel graphics card is it?

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer exe and select Run as administrator?

Spoke to ealry. Crashed again when I went to preference. Didn’t do anything but click on the tab


My second monitor has the same resolution as my laptop screen.

When it crashed this time I got the Blue Screen.

Disconnect the monitor , what happens?

Same thing. Crashed. I’m wondering if something is wrong with the computer? Although it didn’t happen until SU 2019 was installed. I uninstalled it.

If you search in the forum for “Intel Graphics” a trove of info and posts come up. It is generally accepted that the Intel graphics system does not play well with the SU program. Nvidia is the preferred graphics to use.
When you installed 2019 did you right click on the downloaded file and from the menu choose “install as administrator”? If not installed this way strange things happen.
BTW do you have the latest windows version installed?

That’s a CPU, not GPU

I did not install as administrator when I downloaded the file. I did try run in administrator mode by right clicking on the SU icon. I am up to date on on Windows 10.

On the CPU vs GPU shows how computer illiterate I am. I will find out the GPU when I get home later today. I apologise

We can look it up here …

This shows you have OLD 4th generation integrated HD 4600 graphics.
It won’t be too long before Intel drops support for this generation of graphics.

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This was released 1st quarter 2014

… and computer OEMs are currently selling machines with 8th and 9th generation Intel processors.

I’m going to start looking for a new computer. It’s become obvious I’m running on a dinasore…

Thanks for everyone’s help


Do you prefer Dell ? Look at gaming notebooks with a Nvidia GTX dedicated GPU and highest CPU clockspeed and most system RAM that your budget can afford.

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Ok, it turned out my Dell Laptop had a bad memory chip/card in it which was causing my laptop to Blue Screen. With me being a computer Guru I did a few things to the laptop trying to fix the issue and totally wiped out everything I had on it :joy:. So it was off to my brother in law who is an IT guy. He had to re-build the laptop and said I had a bad memory card/chip? so he replaced the memory re-installed Windows Pro 10 and all other software I had on it and all seems to be working fine at the moment. I do understand the laptop is an outdated model along with the CPU and GPU but everything seems to be running OK at the this time.

I have to figure out how to update my Version, Operating System and Graphics Card information on the SketchUp forum.

I did find out I am running a Nvidia Qaudro K2100M graphics card and the CPU is a I7-4810MQ and I have 24GB RAM.

I do appreciate everyone’s advise and help on getting me up and running. I really hope moving forward this laptop will suffice until I learn SketchUp and start doing more advanced models.

I also had him re-download SketchUp the proper way and then I entered my License No. and Authorization Code.

So far SketchUp is running fantastic even with the external screen I have attached to the docking station. I did un-check “use fast feedback” and opened Sketch Up from the “C” drive in administrator mode.

My only question is do I have to open SketchUp in Admin mode everytime or can I just pin SketchUp to the tool bar from this point and not worry about it?

Thanks again,

Skip Jack

If you right clicked on the installer exe and selected Run as administrator while logged into Windows under your normal username, when you installed SketchUp, you shouldn’t need to open it in Admin mode at all and you can pin it to the taskbar.

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