SU17 Out of Memory Issue & Move/Ctrl to copy Crash


This is all about Install Crashes and nothing to do with the issues I am having: I have posted this in Sketucation and here: “SU17 Out of Memory Issue & Move/Ctrl to copy Crash”

This has happened numerous times in SU17 for me [never in SU16 with the same computer and less ram]

I have a ASUS ROG G751JY, i7-4710HQ @2.50GHz, 64bit, 32GB ram, GTX 980M graphics [updated] running Windows 10 OS Build 14393.477.

I’m not doing anything unusual, but it seams to happen when I dive in or out of a group or component to edit it and using the hide/un-hide model [keyboard s/c].

Also SU17 has been crashing when I use the Move/Ctrl or Rotate/Ctrl place sequence. I’m getting at least 7 crashes an hour with this. There is a tell that its about to crash; you get the blue spinning wheel and I noticed the AutoSave function actively creating/deleting the tmp file in another window [on another monitor] then the crash. So I don’t know if its the Move/Ctrl or the AutoSave that is causing the crash.

Many months later, and still no work as to why.

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