Important Update on a few Potential SketchUp 2017 issues on Windows


Which version Nvidia driver are you using?


Thanks for the interest, I´m using 382.05 for Windows 64.
No other graphics card on system just 2x Nvidia 1080.


Thanks, @mr_robinson

Are you on the Win 10 Creators update?


Running a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro ver 1703 with compilation 15063.250 on 64x machine.


Did you try disabling your extensions - like Vray?


Wats the use for SU if i disable my render engine? Vray 3.40.02 is fully compatible with SU2017, or not?
Thanks for the interest.


Do you want to solve the problem you have? Disabling extensions is a tool for sorting out problems. It’s not meant that you permanently disable them. The goal is to sort out what’s causing the problem. It could be vRay. It could be something else. Disable the extensions you have installed and see if the problem goes away. If it does, re-enable them one at a time and check the behavior. If the problem returns after you enable an extension, that extension is the likely culprit.


Vray has been know to cause problems for some people’s setup, so I mentioned it specifically. But other extension can also cause issues.

To test, disable all extensions. Disable from inside SU is one way, another is to temporarily rename the Plugins directory so none of those extension load at all. If no crashing, restore half of the extensions in the Plugins directory, and test for crashing by running SU as usual. If all’s well, add back 1/2 more extension. This is binary tree testing methodology.

With extensions, if you can ID the one(s) causing crashing, then it’s time to report the issue with the extension developer - the one who is responsible for maintaining the extension’s compatibility with SU.


Well, that´s a good procedure to have.
In my case I can´t afford to do it, with “dead line” in course. I´ve no time to devellop software. I think this would be Beta-testers work. I must change to a platform with more profiency and more robust. This is great, simple, but not for professional use. Pearhaps in a few years. The plugins are fundamental part of the sucess of this app, and couldn,t be left away in “others programmers” responsability. Without them SU is not very powerfull. They must talk, change information, in the intererest of both.
Well but this is a large community and growing. I´ll learn with the errors.


You aren’t developing software. You have a very nice machine and trying to troubleshoot your SU installation. Many things can adversely affect software performance. We know very little about what all you tried to troubleshoot.

In addition to several Wn 10 OS updates not playing nice with SU, there’s also all the stuff you install - like graphics drivers and other apps - that can adversely affect other programs installed on your system. Troubleshooting the performance of third-party extensions for SU belongs to the extension developer as it their intellectual property. Like other programs, SU offers a Ruby API for developers to extend the functionality of SU beyond the core features of SU. Developers do interact with other developers and SU team members through the Developer category in this forum and other places including conferences.

But before pointing fingers at anything, the problem you are experiencing needs to be identified. It could even have something to do with your modeling habits - like using too much excessive geometry and overly high resolution texture images that needlessly bog down SU performance…


I intend to express my experience and my issues as a consumer, not a specialist or a critic. As a consumer I´m not confortable or satisfied. Any ideas are welcome, about the issue.


I´ll try to manage and if I find a solution, I´ll post where to help other users.
Thanks for the advice but I must have a return of my investment .
What product do you recommend, anyway?


If you have a moment, would you mind sending me the email address you used when submitting the BugSplat reports? If you’d like to email me directly, my email is markc/at/sketchup/dot/com



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Thanks for bother. My email see profile.
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Thanks for the update. I did a quick scan of the crash stack keys and most of them were related to the v-ray plug-in. I’m going to do some additional investigation and see if there’s a work-around, etc.


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