I hate this crash box app

All this app does is crash. I used to run it all the time. I wish I would have never updated to 2016, that’s how long I have been unable to run this POS.

Win 7, 16 Gig memory, should run it. Had to .net and all that ■■■■??? Not loving the app at this point If your sys requirements are bigger then THEN SAY SO on your site.


Which graphics card are you using? Your profile says Graphic Card: motherboard.

Is there a question involved?

I would have thought anyone who deliberately chose the user name meme would have stopped reading by now.

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If you fill in your profile information fully and then describe the issues you are having and give us a real question you’ll get answers rather than ridicule.
If you rant and rave you’ll get nothing.
Take your time and a deep breath and we can help, you even got a Sketchup Team member as your first responder.


Hi Mark,

The integrated graphics card in the motherboard appears to be “Intel HD Graphics” It is presently set for 2 screens. I plug into a flat panel via HDMI plug when the computer is used at my desk.

Thanks so much for the help.


Intel graphics chips have a flaky record of OpenGL support. You might try to look for an uprade to its driver.

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If you right-click on This PC and select Manage > Device Manager > Display Adapters does it give an actual model such as 4000, etc?

Hi Mark,

The device manager refers to the adapter as Intel HD Graphics 5500.

Thanks again,


Here is one place to start looking for an answer, this is the first thread that comes up when you search for your Graphic Card.

Hi Anssi,

I did update the driver yesterday. I opened a new file, I did a “move” function on the little dude that shows on new drawings. It crashed and disappeared. The 2015 version ran fine on this machine.

Thank you for the help, much appreciated.


Hi Box,
Looks like the 64 bit doesn’t want to play well with Windows. Bummer. I guess the fix is to switch to the less robust 32 bit version?

My 64 bit SU is running presently and I am creating some simple drawings to see if it continues to function.

I unplugged from the 2nd monitor, opened the app, then plugged-in the 2nd monitor.

Thank you for the assist.

Are you trying to run SU 2017? If so, have you installed/run the Checkup application to determine if your system is capable of running SU 2017?

Hi Jake-

Have you had the opportunity to submit a crash report when the application crashes? If so, did you put your name or contact information on it? If we can find your crash reports, we can pinpoint the cause of your crashes for sure. Odds are that it’s the video card, but it’s nice to be certain.



Yes, I am running SU 2017 fresh download with no updates. I ran the checkup application as you suggested. The results were all green.

I am running SU today on some small files with no crashes. Next I will attempt to load and manipulate bigger files. I also plan to look around the forum to determine the best PC to acquire and dedicate it to SU.

Thanks for all your help. This forum is robust, cordial and super helpful.


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Hi Marc,

I never was able to get a crash report.



If you never were able to send a crash report, are you sure SketchUp actually crashed or are you just using the term crash as a synonym for “didn’t work”?

Hi Julia,

It always disappeared from the screen without a shut down message telling me it had to shut down. When I checked the task manager each time it was not present. The file would appear on the screen and the very moment I tried any movement or edit it would disappear in a manner I have never seeen. I’ve been running apps since Commodore 64. Intel since 8088 processor. I have run ACAD Arch Desktop since 1995ish. I had just created some advanced (for me) drawings of my own personal residential remodel that became useless. It was a real mess. I’m attempting to recover now that SU seems to be doing better. The plan was to migrate from ACAD and purchase the full version. I really like the apps capabiliities.

Thank you!


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