Will not run at all.I need 15 characters for the title. Blah blah blah


Eleven days. That is how long I have been trying to get this program to run.
I have reinstalled it four times. I reinstalled C++ Runtime. Nada. Crash crash crash.

I am about to give up. Nothing should be this hard.

I have three degrees, one is in journalism. The forum won’t even accept my title. The site requires a TEN character password and won’t didn’t accept the first FOUR I tried. Seriously, what are we protecting here? This is not a financial website. EVERYTHING is hard about this software and this company. absolutely everything.

If I don’t get this installed and learn to use the program before the 30-day trial is up I will be using another product. I am almost half way through that 30 days. I can’t believe it is this hard.

Windows 8.1
HP Envy Laptop with Intel Core i7


[wiki] Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile

Intel integrated graphics ? What model and driver version number ?


Also, which version are you trying to install? 2017 apparently turned out to be slightly more problematic to install than the older versions, for example.


Intel HD graphics 4600 Driver:

Windows says that is the most up-to-date version.


See this thread: 2017 not launching

Especially this:


It can be hard to find the latest graphics card driver - check with windows update, with the manufacturer of the video card, and with the manufacturer of the computer.

When SketchUp crashes, do you get a “Bugsplat” crash report dialog? If so, and you’ve been putting identifying information (name/address) in the crash reports, I can look them up to give you more information about your exact situation.



Windows Update is often wrong.

(In order to install an Intel driver the computer OEM driver must be completely removed.)