Some graphic card related dialog box

Screenshot 2023-12-28 163034
please help me!

That means you have two GPUs, one in an Intel integrated GPU, the other is probably Nvidia or AMD. Either of those would perform better than the Intel GPU.

You could click Continue and use the Intel GPU, or you could Exit and find your graphics settings, to make sure the better GPU is used for SketchUp.

The warning won’t come up again unless you check the box to remind you in 30 days.

so what should i do now? continue with the intel gpu or change the setting and how?

What gpu do you have? If you have an Nvidia gpu go to the Nvidia’s control panel, there you can set it up so it uses the discrete gpu instead of the igpu for a better performance. In the case of AMD I don’t know cause I’ve never had an AMD gpu but it should have something similar where you can set it up.

I had a similar issue on my Laptop. I had to turn on Discrete Graphics Mode to force Sketchup to use my Dedicated GPU and not the integrated. Not sure what hardware you’re on but look for something similar.

If you have an NVIDIA GPU, look in the control panel for MANAGE 3D Settings. You can go to program specific and find TRIMBLE SKETCHUP and adjust the settings to force it to use your GPU as well.