I can't open my skp file Please Help

Hi! When I try to open my skp file it won’t and I get this message “this model failed file integrity checks and cannot be opened” . what should I do please tell me there is a way to fix it’s my finals project .

Share the file here so we can take a look at it. Might be that @colin can work his magic on it.

Preumably it’s too large to upload here directly so upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

This is the link for the file and I tried to open it with my sis pc but it won’t work.

Hopefully Colin will be able to do something with it.

The file is huge, do you have a lot of content from the 3D Warehouse in it?

Is there a .skb version of the file? Have you tried opening that?

Actually I have a lot of 3D warehouse content (model and texture) in it? I last used it a week or two ago. I tried to open to .skb version and I get the same error . In fact all the previous copies of the file wont open either.

I haven’t seen that error before. I have asked a developer to look at the file.

Some the materials in the model have unusual names, 颜色 008 for example. Not that it should make a difference, but a lot of files that have problems that I see do usually have some non-Roman character names.

thank you! Actually I just remembered I used some other models from my boss library. She told she bought it from another professional website. But I used it in other files and it open normally.

There was some problems with a couple of Vray materials. The developer managed to recover the rest of the file:


Omg thank you so much you’re a life saver. I just demanded access to the file

I transferred the file to this link:


Hello coline
I face the same matter with one of my models. it was in early stage but project is not easy to do again since the project details are very limited. Please can you help me recover my file.
Thank you very much!

we transfer link

When looking at files that have problems, a common thing is that one of the elements in the file is the wrong size, or has other issues.

In your file that element is completely missing. I don’t know how that can happen. I will ask the developers to look at the file and see if they can understand why it’s missing.

Look in the same folder to see if there is an SKB version of the file. You can rename that file and change the extension to .skp, and see if it opens ok.

Even with it being Saturday, a developer did already look at the file. He spotted one thing that I hadn’t noticed, the file seems to be made with the version of 2021 from nearly two years ago. There were some file corruption issues that we fixed early on, and there were four updates to 2021. The updates did many things, one of which was to cope better with files that are corrupted.

If you don’t have a particular reason to be using the older version, you can get the latest 2021 from here:


Thank you!
will it help me to open this file?
are there any other way I that I can recover this??

this is the skb file. I delete them both accidentally and recover using a software.
but after that skp or skb is not working

this is the original skp file, earlier I sent the renamed .skb file

Yikes! I assume this is more than just moving the file out of the “trash” folder back into a regular folder. The filesystem recovery result can be imperfect due to many factors, commonly including churn in the filesystem between the original deletion and the recovery that altered some of the filesystem data or metadata blocks that had been used by the file.

No, the file is missing important information, no version of SketchUp will open it. The later version might have helped to prevent the file from being corrupted.

please help .skp file not opening (unexpected file format) appears on screen also there is no skb file of the model i saved its about 138mb in size anyone here who can solve this problem