This does not appear to be a Sketchup model!Error

Hello, my 10 hour project is broken, please help someone open my file, I have a spare save that won’t open either
Road.skp (453.4 KB) (437.1 KB)

It seems that such issues occur when saving files on a network drive.

We recommend moving the problematic file to a local drive and then trying to open it again.

these files are stored on the local drive

Try this copy of your backup file. The skp file itself was all zeros.

Road.skb repaired (SU 2022).skp (449.6 KB)

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Thank you so much, you literally saved my project!

Glad that worked out for you.

Here I’ll leave a note to future problem detectives. The Central Directory inside the SKB file was truncated at the second entry and needed to be rebuilt. Evidently all of the data was intact.


What is this “central directory” black magic of which you speak? :slight_smile: What sort of tool did you use to analyze and rebuild the file? I ask not only for curiosity, but also to suggest to SketchUp folks (Hi @colin ) that they consider embedding such analysis and self-repair technology into SketchUp itself.

The common refrain on this forum when a user posts a broken SKP file is that corruption occurred due to use of network storage technologies. As a professional software engineer in the storage industry I don’t believe that is the usual culprit. Storage products wouldn’t survive on the market if they were so unreliable. (There are scenarios that might result in corruption such as disconnecting a network drive while synchronization is on-going, but it seems unlikely to me that happens in a majority of cases reported here.) There have been suggestions on the forum during the past few months that the SketchUp team is on the trail of some issues where SketchUp itself has written out bad data. I wonder what fraction of “invalid file” reports are actually due to SketchUp logic issues?

I’m hoping for the day when a version of SketchUp can self-repair many corruptions. The sort of structural issue you have observed might be a candidate for automatic detection and repair. I also remember reading a few posts where materials with very strange names have caused SketchUp to be unable to re-read the SKP file. By now I would hope the SketchUp team can recognize “bad” name patterns, and prevent SketchUp from saving them in the first place (perhaps performing an automatic transformation into a “good” name, or perhaps refusing to save until the user manually renames the specified material), and performs such a name transformation when re-reading the file (for legacy file cases).

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Of course, laying the blame on network saves isn’t based on a sound understanding of the problem. It is just recognition of the fact that there is a strong correlation as well as that the problems don’t happen on local saves.

My own suspicion is that there is a subtle race condition somewhere in the process SketchUp uses while saving, and if some normally detectable and recoverable error just happens to occur at the wrong moment SketchUp doesn’t catch it and doesn’t realize it has saved junk.

This is similar to the occasional reports of a CFile Exception 0 - which if you look it up means the operation succeeded normally! In other words “something went wrong but we have no idea what”.