Resolving “This does not appear to be a SketchUp model!” errors #2

This is a follow up to issue Resolving "This does not appear to be a SketchUp model!" errors.

I receive a dreaded error popup “This does not appear to be a Sketchup model!” in my web browser when opening my project. This project was working just yesterday on the exact same machine using the web-app on Brave/Windows.

This issue has me feeling very defeated, and like my subscription to Sketchup Go is not worthwhile.

If anyone can help fix my project file, and inform me how to fix it myself, that would be excellent. Based on the previous post Colin was able to repair a watermark causing the issue.

The file causing me issues:
Studio 4.3 3D bad.skp (1.8 MB)

Per discussion, here is the oldest original version of the file Trimble Connect has available. All 6 versions of this file appear to have this issue.

Studio 4.3 3D 1.skp (1.8 MB)

How did you go about getting the file to share with us?

I downloaded it from when viewing it in the list of projects. I can also snag it from Trimble’s web service which lets me view any stored assets I have there.

I’ve then taken that file and uploaded it to my Google Drive which I’ve set to permanently share the file with anyone who has the link.

If you go to, find the file in your storage, can you open it from there? If you download that to your computer does it have a different file size?

Have you saved that file more than once? Can you open a previous version of it?

So I downloaded all existing versions of the file I found on Trimble (there were 6), and all of them report the same error after trying to open them in Sketchup for web.

The file sizes are roughly the same. Increasing of course, as geometry was added.

So even the first saved version is corrupted? Very strange.

Can you share the original copy?

Maybe @colin can look into it tomorrow when he gets back to work.

Sure, I’ll attach another link to the original post.

The first file was small enough you could upload it directly.


Hopefully Colin or one of the developers can fix the file tomorrow.

This is the first time I’ve seen a corrupted file from SketchUp Go.

Out of curiosity, did you import any files? Are you using anything out of the 3D Warehouse in the file?

Yeah, I’ve been using this TreblD .skp file for years now as a template:, specifically the TreblD Solid Inches for use with Sketchup Web:

I wonder if there’s something with that which is incompatible with newer versions of SketchUp. I can’t say that I’d ever consider buying a template for SketchUp.

What is it that you model? Did you create these module groups or were they included with the template? If they were included, do you actually use them?

I wonder if this version might behave for you better.
template.skp (1.8 MB)

Perhaps. It’s actually free; the paid items on the page are not something I’ve ever used.

I mostly model architecture. I created several model groups and many are supplied by the template. Using the template from the download link loads into a-ok as per usual.

Using your copy of it also loads a-ok. The issue has been happening after a few days / weeks of modeling. Suddenly the dreaded popup attacks.

Seems kind of weird to be using those groups in your architectural models but I guess you know your business.

What happens if you use a normal blank template and do your own modeling? Do you still wind up with the same issue?

Hi there,
I am getting the same msg. and can’t seem to resolve the issue.
I am on PC, using 1month free trial version. File was created and saved on my D: drive, never on any external disk (if that’s one of the questions)

Here is the link to skb and skp file…
Download link

Download link

Hope someone can help as this is very encouraging and scary… to work on file for days and then it’s gone.


I looked at your files. The .skp file is nearly all zeroes. When zipped it compresses to about 0.12% of the uncompressed size. The .skb file only compresses to about 54.81% so one could conclude it’s almost half full of zeroes. It might be that @colin could recover something from the .skb file but I wouldn’t expect very much.

What kind of drive is the D drive? Brand and model. How old is it?

I don’t know if you get any Trimble Connect storage with the 30-day trial since the trial is just for evaluation of the software and not for real projects. It might be worth checking to see if you can create a new model, save it locally and also publish it to Trimble Connect. This would give you a backup copy that isn’t saved on your D drive. With the Pro and Studio subscription there’s unlimited storage via Trimble Connect.

Local Disk (D:)… computer is a few months old.
Why do you think this happened? I really hope Colin can do magic

So tell me @DaveR :slight_smile: if this 1month trial is for valuation only what should person think after this kind of situation? After 5 days working on the project this is suddely not readable file.

I don’t know why it happened. There are so many possible things that could cause it. Perhaps a power issue on your computer during a save? Maybe some other process on your computer interupted the save action? Maybe it’s due to something in your modeling process? It’s hard to say. I know that the developers have been trying to identify what is happening for those users who have had this happen. Most often it seems to occur with files saved directly to the cloud (DropBox, One Drive, etc.)

What folder are you saving to on your D drive? What brand and model is the drive? It would help us help you if you’d correct your forum profile with the operating system (2023 does not identify an operating system) and the graphics card. You listed a motherboard there.

He does seem to do it sometimes but I wouldn’t hold my breath in this case.

I understand what you are getting at. I don’t have a lot of advice. I do know that of the millions of users of SketchUp worldwide, very few have this issue. I use SketchUp for many hours every day and have done for more than 20 years. I’ve never had a file become corrupted.

What did you have in your model to make the file size so large? I’ve been working on a very heavy, complex model for months and it’s only about 17% the size of your model.

To be honest I was surprised myself why is file so big. I did imported some models from 3D warehouse but didn’t notice at what point it became so large. Is there a way to see in the file what is it making it so heavy?
I have been using sketchup for 10y on Mac and now I have moved to PC (that is why I have trial version at the moment).
I have updated my profile with all details about my OS.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

In a viable file, yes. There are a couple of extensions that can tell you which objects are large. One is called Component and Group Impact from the Extension Warehouse. The other is called Statistics Probe from Sketchucation. These are screenshots from their windows using my current “big” model.

Screenshot - 12_4_2023 , 9_04_40 AM

You also need to look at texture size. There’s an extension called Material Resizer from the Extension Warehouse that will show you texture image sizes and allow you to resize them if they are too large.

It seems to be a common problem, especially for interior designers, to collect a bunch of very heavy entourage from the 3D Warehouse. It bloats their models and very often “lighter” components will do the job just as well. They also seem to like to try out components in their models. They bring them in, decide they don’t like them, and delete them from the model space but they don’t purge the unused components and materials from the file. Maybe you had a bunch of unused objects in your model.

That’s a little overboard but OK. You did not update the graphics card information, though.