How to get from the airport?


That was ThomThom’s hat. If I remember correctly, he lost it. :frowning:


Well, you shouldn’t have taken it onto the aircraft :frowning: .


I’m driving in from Orange County around noon on Sunday 12/23 if anyone is flying into Riverside or John Wayne (SNA) and needs a ride to Palm Springs…if anyone needs a ride that direction/time.


@Aerilius, @Wo3Dan. @eneroth3

I fly in on the same flight as AE and Wo and would happy to share the ride…



I’m already on the move. It a long way from my place to basecamp.


Have a good trip.


Will do. See you there.




Hi gang,

My very late response to this thread is only because I have been out all day finalizing some local details prior to leaving town to be at 3D Basecamp!

I’m arriving at 2:38 pm on American AA3068.

See you soon!:grinning:


Seat 22A


What day?


Sunday 23 Sept 2018.

Sorry… This must be like pulling teeth! I feel like I’m forcing you to deal with a new SketchUp user in supplying just a bit of info each time. I’ll do better after landing.:roll_eyes:


You should update the spreadsheet.


I am flying this Sunday the 23rd.

Will do!


I’ve entered my info into the Sheets app and would be happy to share a ride. Flying in on 9/25/18 at 11:17am on AA.


Same… Ugh


A fellow MOLLE fan?


Two and a half hours in a queue to get through immigration at San Francisco. Another hour to get back through security just in time to run to my gate for the connecting flight.


Good grief! At least you made your flight.


I have 45 minutes from arriving in Phoenix until the PSP plane departs. But at least no immigration, and they’re only a few gates away from each other. Hopefully the JFK-PHX flight isn’t running late.