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I am looking for people to travel with from LA/LAX to the Palm Springs venue on Sunday 23rd September. I will be landing around 1730 so should have cleared the airport by 1930 (but delays are not impossible?).

I don’t drive but happy to chip in with a rental or some sort of minibus if there are a few of us, we did something similar from Denver > Boulder in 2010.

Annoyingly public transport gives me anything between 6-10 hours travel time whilst in a car it seems to be around 2.5 hours. There are some buses and trains that are supposed to be 3-4 hours but I can’t seem to find any tickets for services leaving that late on the Sunday (if anybody knows the area better let me know).

Taxi is too expensive but there seems to be a Tesla service if you can book a couple of seats: https://www.tesloop.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw37fZBRD3ARIsAJihSr3khtuqLk3_JgOzCWmKodIAF82FyaTvL_GDzwbusqV2U4WwV0mAdWcaAigGEALw_wcB




Wait, are you talking Sunday or Monday? Sunday’s the 23rd and the 24th is Monday. I haven’t finalized plans, but trying to bracket the conference on one or both ends visiting my sister who’s near the Burbank airport, but it was looking like in and out of LAX might be better after all. I just made such a trip in April.


Going via Reykjavic? We will arrive about the same time. Intend to rent a car, there will be some space left.


Blockquote Wait, are you talking Sunday or Monday?

Good spot, Sunday!

No, Sweden > London > LA. But I made a mistake, I meant I am landing on Sunday not Monday…:sweat_smile:


Better you spotted it now😃