How to get from the airport?


Although you can get an UberX estimate for getting from PSP to Basecamp, I read a report that PSP only allows the bigger Uber cars to pick you up. That might mean that instead of paying $30 you would pay $78. Regular taxi is about $44. Public transport takes 2 1/2 hours.

Anyone know a more affordable way of getting there, that doesn’t take 6 times as long as a car ride?

UberX is allowed to drop you off at the airport, but I think there is a $3 surcharge for doing that.


Pondering the same issue here.
Perhaps sharing a taxi or UberX is an option?

I think the absence of an airport shuttle to / from the Marriott has many Basecampers wondering what to do about transportation.

One-way Hertz Car Rental @ PSP is ~$64.00 and the Hertz desk at Marriott is closed on Sunday
Go figure?



Based on what you say, I’d take public transportation off the airport then, once away, get off and call for a small Uber!


Perhaps start a list of times people are arriving so as to coordinate taxi sharing? I get in at 2:38pm Sunday September 23.


Great idea!

I get in at 12:46pm Sunday September 23 … PSP Airport


I thought of that, but didn’t yet figure out if there is an air train, or some other means that people use to get to long term car parking.

@slbaumgartner, sounds like you’re coming from Phoenix on American. I’m in seat 19B, so at least we should be able to meet up easily enough!

If you’re on another plane that happens to land within the same minute as mine, we could find a meeting place.


What airport are you talking about? LAX or Palm Springs?

(Lax btw means salmon in Swedish :stuck_out_tongue: )


PSP, Palm Springs. LAX would be Los Angeles, and that would be an expensive Uber ride, or 6 1/2 hours on public transport.


I arrive 2018-09-22 20:35 to PSP. If someone else arrives at the same time it’d be nice to chair a ride.


I’m on AA 3068 from Phoenix to PSP. Seat 21C.


It likely depends on the time and availability of Ubers. I just checked on my phone (PSP to JW Marriott) and it’s showing as $29.


Uber’s page on PSP just shows UberBlack and UberSUV as options:

they do quote “starting at $24”, but that may be on the assumption that you have 6 people in the SUV.

Things may have changed though, there’s now a pick up point 500 feet away:

Here’s the older page that I had seen the restrictions on, and it looks like Uber’s own page isn’t up to date:

So, hopefully UberX is possible since March, but is a 500 feet walk to get to it.


500 feet is like 150 m. You can easily walk that distance just getting to your gate within a large airport.


…except it’s in 105° F (40° C) heat.

I’ve been looking at forecasts. Every day seems to be the same weather: sunny and 100°/72°.


I get in at 12:09 that day. Want to carpool? :taxi:


If all goes well I’ll arrive at PSP (on Saturday, 22-9-'18) at 7:50 pm, about 45 minutes earlier than you are.
If it were say in London, I could use an :open_umbrella: to let you know where I am.


I’m sure we’ll cope. It’s a little further than the typical 50 feet or less for most airports.


I am going to need an umbrella in 40° C :hot_face::cold_sweat::sob::face_vomiting:


It’s a dry heat, though. Just drink a lot of water.


I’m talking to another attendee who arrives to the airport 45 min prior to me. Perhaps we could all go together to the Basecamp.